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Adjustable crutch


The use of Canadian crutches or walking sticks, for a variable period or indefinitely after surgery, an accident or any walking problem, is important to support the healing process and daily life. Precisely for these reasons, it is of fundamental importance that the crutches are well adjusted to ensure a correct gait.
Incorrect or non-existent adjustment causes pain in the elbows, hands, and shoulders, not to mention difficulties in walking and balance.


Common crutches have a metal tube with different holes, a ring, and a rubber cap. With this system, you can obtain only the heights granted by the various holes, standard heights. It is certainly an easy and intuitive system, but it does not provide a whole range of comfort and precision.
Moreover, if the time of use is long enough, the holes, as well as the ring and the cap, begin to loosen giving rise to a non-functional adjustment and the classic metallic noise of the crutches.


There is another type of crutches, whose design is covered by a patent, which has a more precise adjustment and solves the problem of loosening over time and with use.
These crutches are made with a single pole or rod in one piece, are available in various sizes and are also easy to cut at the bottom in any orthopedics for additional precision. They are adjusted first by choosing the most suitable size for your height and then by sliding both the knob and the armrest on the rod or pole to obtain an adjustment to the millimeter, a unique and perfect height for the individual person. To fix the two components and simply tighten the small screw in the nut, being careful not to lose the nut. Once the screw is tightened tightly, the armrest and the knob will be in a firm position, being able to withstand high loads for long periods of time.
These crutches are patented and unique in the world. You can see them at the following link:Crutches with millimeter adjustment.

Author: Rafael Vidal, Biomedical engineer

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