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comfortable compression socks

Organic bamboo compression socks

Hey Mike, happy to say that I ve received the package with your bamboo socks.

My first impression is really good. I like the material.

Today I wear the socks for the first time, I feel soft compression at the ankles that gives me a good feeling because I know the compression really works. But I don't really feel that I wear compression socks and thats exactly the most important point.

Due to the material it feels soft and comfortable. No comparison to normal compression stockings.

I will wear them the next days for a better evaluation. Hope tonight I won't have those marks right under my knees I am used to have caused by my socks I usually wear. Maybe you could describe your target group a little bit more precisely.

Reviewing your website you focuse on sports, but when I saw the package, I thougt more about bamboo and sustainability like people who love hiking or trekking.