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canes and crutches as gift for christmas

INDESmed has a great idea for your gifts!

Think of your loved ones comfort

Made out of carbon fiber and weighin only 150 gr.(0.33lb), its ergonomic handrip helps to keep a neutral position of the hand, helping to alleviate and avoid tendonitis and increasing comfort.

An elegant accessoire that will perfectily match with their colour complements as the interchangeable hypoallergenic cover.

Choose the favourite color: Purple, Orange, Grey or black!

colored canes and crutches, the best christmas gift

They always have looked after you

It┬┤s time to take care for them!

Same ergonomics as the Carbon Fiber Walking Cane, now available the New Aluminimun colored canes at US$ 54,00 eur.

Ordering a colored aluminum walking cane, is as easy as writing us an email indicating your size and color to:

We will send you instructions to easily pay your walking-cane by VISA and PayPal. Cash on delivery is only available in Europe.