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Forearm Crutches, asssembling INDESmed carbon fiber crutches

5 easy steps for assembling INDESmed® 's crutch:

1. Place the Tip in the bottom of the crutch and press firmly to it's perfect fit.

2. Slide the Handgrip to the position where you feel most comfortable, according to your anatomy (start by trying in the middle of the curve)
Tighten gently the handgrip by using the supplied allen wrench.

3. Place the Cuff in the top of the crutch, slide at convenience to comfort. Tighten gently the cuff by using the Allen wrench. Stop turning once you feel it is a little hard to keep turning.

4. Try it out! It must feel comfortable, if not try adjusting the distance between the handgrip and the cuff, do this by sliding either handle and/or cuff till you find the most suitable position.

5.Start enjoying the lightest crutch in the world! And don't forget to send us an email with your experience at: info@indesmed.com

This product bears a CE marking in accordance with the provisions of the 93/42/EEC MDD dated June 14, 1993.
The INDESmed ® Crutches are patented. The INDESmed ® Crutches' models are protected.