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Wellness in the saddle: Cyclists and varicose veins

Sport and blood circulation

There is no doubt now that sport is health.

Some sports help the venous circulation, while others, unfortunately, favor high levels of hypertension that are not really healthy, especially if you had previously suffered from venous or lymphatic insufficiency.

Varicose veins and cycling: the sport most recommended by phlebologists

For the prevention and treatment of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs (the so-called IVC), one must keep in mind that not all sports are good. The bicycle, though, is excellent for this purpose.

The practice of bicycle sports is therefore very encouraged by phlebologists, who consider it very appropriate: cycling, in effect, energetically activates the venous circulation of the legs.

This sporting activity is not suitable, however, for those who have problems with incontinence with the small saphena or with important varicose veins, unless wearing appropriate elastic stockings such as those made of bamboo fiber by INDESmed, which absorb sweat in an exceptional way.

Keep your feet and legs cool while playing sports

Those who do jogging have a good return of blood to the heart; cyclists, on the other hand, often have problems with venous goitures or venous stenosis, due to the saddle which stops the blood returning to the heart; nothing strange!, it often happens that cyclists have for this reason some varicose vein on legs and calves.

Venous insufficiency and varicose veins related to cycling can be treated in a very valid way with the right compression stockings, which help to reduce swelling.


The use of INDESmed compression knee highs is very useful for athletes who have varicose veins or tendencies to varicose veins. Numerous studies show that the use of compression stockings during and after the effort greatly reduces fatigue.


Another issue is the prevention of vascular problems caused also by the increasingly frequent long intercontinental journeys by air, the so-called "economic class syndrome": it happens very often, that due to the position, the long immobility and the lack of pressurization, there is a swelling of the feet and ankles, with a high risk of deep vein thrombosis (which would then require anticoagulant therapy).

In these cases it is advisable, both during the flight and during the long trips by car or bus, especially now that the summer is approaching, to wear our fresh INDESmed elastic stockings, made of bamboo fiber, get up often make the blood circulate and finally to use comfortable clothing.

The Spanish airline WAMOS has adopted our INDESmed knee-highs for pilots and stewards ... I do not need to say anything else!

Maria Luisa Cappiello
Marketing Manager for Italy




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