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Why choose a carbon fiber walking cane

Evolution of the walking cane

The world of walking sticks or walking canes has evolved! They used to be made of wood and were the only walking aid for people in need.

Over time, the materials have changed and so has its use; the walking stick has become a fashion accessory, made of gold, ivory, with an eagle's head... for all tastes!

The walking cane as a walking aid

We will focus on walking canes in the medical sector that help us to overcome the disadvantages of a disability, whether it is after hip surgery, a leg problem or an indispensable aid in the progression of multiple sclerosis, among others.

We will therefore need a walking aid that is adjusted to the right height, with an ergonomic and pleasant handle, a quality non-slip tip and, why not, an attractive design!

But one of the most important factors in choosing a cane for walking is the material used to make it...

The carbon fiber walking cane

One of the most innovative materials of our time is carbon fiber: used in aeronautics, automobile industry and even in construction, it has recently "landed" in the medical sector because of its irreproachable qualities.

Carbon fiber brings lightness, great resistance and elasticity, indispensable assets for a better support.

INDESmed has designed a carbon fiber walking cane that weighs only 150 grams (a plus when you use your cane on a daily basis) and with a maximum load weight of 200 kg, which guarantees an incomparable solidity.

In fact, the King Emeritus of Spain, Juan Carlos, is a great fan of our carbon walking rod, one of thousands of users who swear by their new cane for walking.

With a tubular and curved structure that improves the natural posture and with an ergonomic handle that will avoid any pain in the hands and shoulders, this carbon walking cane is also an elegant accessory that will attract the attention of passers-by.




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