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Bamboo Underwear Men's

17.95 £ / Bamboo Boxer
29.95 £ / Pack 2 x Culotte Woman
37.95 £ / Pack 3 x Boxer Man
Quantity (unit)
Pants material: 100% bamboo and cotton organic fibre
Elastic band material: elastane
Why are Bamboo Boxers the Most Comfortable?
Why are our Bamboo Boxers Therapeutical?
Certified Natural BambooSmartec Fabric
What Boxer Size Should I Choose?

Why are our Bamboo Boxers the Most Comfortable?

Bamboo fabric is the best material for a maximum comfort thanks to its natural fabric.

The natural bamboo fabric is great at absorbing humidity from sweat and keeping the skin dry thanks to its hygroscopic properties.

The bamboo fabric is also a highly breathable material which keeps the skin at a normal body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Why are our Bamboo Boxers Therapeutical?

The bamboo fabric's antibacterial agents will keep your skin pure and germ-free.

The natural bamboo fabric will also prevent allergies and eczemas from occurring due to its hypoallergenic properties.

Certified Natural BambooSmartec Fabric

Our registered BambooSmarTecⓇ fabric by INDESmed is obtained through natural enzymatic methods, assuring all of the natural properties of the bamboo and cotton fabric.

The bamboo boxers are EcocertⓇ certified meaning that they meet the high standards set by EcocertⓇ of being a natural and organic product.

What Boxer Size Should I Choose?

Measure the diameter of your waist with a tape measure and then choose a size that best matches your waist based on the table shown below.

advised size
waist size
side length
90cm/35.5inch - 102cm/40inch
28cm/11 1/32 inch
80cm/31.5inch - 89cm/35inch
27cm/10 5/8 inch
68cm/27inch - 79cm/31inch
26cm/10 15/64 inch

INDESmed buyer's reviews and impressions

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perfect boxer briefs for sports and work

James Ph., from Burford - 2019-06-05

I bought these bamboo fibre boxers for golf practice but they were so comfortable that I couldn't go back to using my uncomfortable Calvin Klein boxers. These boxers are so much softer. I also, stopped having sweaty boxers when playing golf after I bought these marvelous bamboo boxers!

only underwear my husband uses now

Michael Sanders, from Wales - 2019-04-02

I'm really pleased with the quality and comfort of these soft bamboo boxers. I used to get allergies from my previous boxers because they had polyester fabric. But now with these natural bamboo fiber boxers I feel much more comfortable throughout the day! Thank you so much and keep making great products!!!!




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