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Moisture wicking socks, natural fibre and smooth compression.

Moisture wicking socks, natural fibre and smooth compression. The Perfect Socks.

Legs moisture wicking is, among others, the most important fact for choosing a high quality pair of socks, either for sports or day to day use.

Natural fibre made from certified organic bamboo and cotton fibres with just the minimum elastan needed to achieve an optimal compression effect without modify bamboo porperties: a perfect combination for your legs.

Organic bamboo properties guarantee natural moisture wicking in summer or indoor use due to bamboo enzymes effect.

Actually Adidas, Nike and others are just trying to imitate Nature with their Therma Fit, Climalite, Climacool.. cheap but actually very expensive plastics in contact with your skin.

Nature cannot be fooled and if you ever tried these plastics on your feet for sure you noticed it...

How the compression is related to moisture wicking?

Gradual compression improves low limb blood flow starting from the ankle, improving the whole leg skin health.

Bamboo has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties that are, due to the mechanical process, preserved in the final fabric used to manufacture INDESmed socks (BambooSmartec certified label)

Gradual compression and bamboo properties combination allow very high moisture wicking capability while taking care of you leg health.

Don't imitate Nature, take advantage of It!