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New INDESMED self adjustable walking cast boot

What is a walker boot: medical devices classification and function

A walker boot is a Class I medical device for lower limb orthosis, postoperative rehabilitation, functional immobilization and foot and ankle rehabilitation that is being used more and more in place of the cast, introducing some advantages for the doctor and patient like quick immobilization and hygiene improvement.

Walker boots models and sizing

Walkers come in 3-4 sizes typically.

To adapt and immobilize better, some models have an air chamber to fill the gaps between the boot plastic parts and the ankle. Weight of these models is higher than the standard ones.

From the industry point of view, to produce each size it is necessary to have a different set of plastic molds to assemble the required size.

From the distribution side, it is necessary to stock a wide range of sizes to match each patient sizing (both foot and ankle): the different boot sizes are stocked in the hospital warehouses or in the distribution points of sale (orthopedics shops)

From the user (patient) and doctor side, the ankle and foot sizes are not constant during the process as they normally tend to decrease in the recovery and postoperative phase and to increase in the rehabilitation phase. Doctor side needs to measure the size of the foot and/or ankle, during the healing phase and choose the correct size in that very moment.

INDESmed, the adaptable walker boot

Based on the original idea of Dr. Lovic, INDESmed® has patented and is about to distribute an Adaptable Walker Boot that, avoiding the sizing issues:

- improves the immobilization capability of the device by perfectly adapt to the patient foot and ankle measures.
- allows the patient to set itself the size of the boot during the rehabilitation, depending on the phase.
- reduces manufacturing costs.
- reduces the weight of the boot.
- reduces distribution costs by reducing stocking room in the hospital warehouse or other points of distribution.

Being at final stage with prototypes, you are invited to contact us at regarding demonstrations, samples and manufacturing licensing.

First units, ready to market, will be introduced at 2019 in Dusseldorf - Germany.