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Luxury walking stick, feel the comfort with style

A handmade walking stick

Handmade black carbon fibre curved stick and a Black, Orange, Purple or Dark Grey silicone padded handle.

A simple concept weighing only 0.3lb(150g) and loading up to 30st.

Designing a luxury walking stick means beauty and functionality using the best materials so we created the INDESmed stick.

A C shaped stick that aids walking

Discover why INDESmed walking sticks improves hand and arm comfort due to the ergonomic, height adjustable, handle.

Only a C shaped stick, made from carbon fibre, flexes at every step, absorbing the user weight energy and returning to the original position when unloading.

Order now your exclusive walking stick

Price includes everything you need to start using your walking stick. Delivery is free for UK and have overnight service for UK and Spain only with UPS EXPRESS DELIVERY at very convenient price.

When ordering, inform us if you need a custom sizing or want some engraved text on the carbon fibre stick.

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