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Big based, shock absorbing AIR ferrules for crutches
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39.95 £
Quantity (unit)
tip weight:2.2oz
size: fits crutch shafts from ¾” to 1”
Color: Black
Crutch ferrules INDESmed AIR
2x ferrules pack

INDESmed AIR crutch ferrules

New crutch ferrules INDESmed AIR for improved safety and comfort.

- Anti-slip properties improving on wet floor. The probability of falling with crutches is dramatically reduced.
- Better cushioning of the impact of the crutch on the floor avoiding shoulder and back wear.
- 50% less weight compared to other safety rubber tips of the same diameter that reduce fatigue at each step.

2x ferrules pack

This product includes 2 crutch ferrules.

Order together with your crutches or walking stick to take advantage of the shipping.

INDESmed buyer's reviews and impressions

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half the weight, double the confort and safety (throw the flexy foot away!)

Michael Portside from London - 2018-12-19

AIR rubber ferrules stay in place even in wet downhill slope and withstands hard spinning of the crutch pole. Good job.

big base walking stick ferrules, best option

Kevin Lorraine at Naidex - Birmingham - 2018-12-04

best and safest option for my walking stick since I rely on it most of the time now. very light and safe ferrule.

big surface, very lightweight, high grip ferrules for my crutches.

W.Green from Oxford - 2018-09-06

just what I needed. big surface, very lightweight, high grip rubber ferrules for my crutches. Just start using them on my old ones. I can't wait to start using your crutches also.




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