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Changeable Handle Rubber

cover cushions for crutches

crutches cushion pad
cushioned pad for crutches
12.00 £
Quantity (unit)
Weight: 25 gr
material:hypoallergenic silicone
crutch pads:handle
cane pads:handle
silicone spare pad for crutches handle
Spare handle pads shipping

Crutch pads for crutches and canes handles

Long lasting and easy to clean silicone spare pad for crutches handle.

Easy exchangeable, the silicone pad for crutches handle is very soft to touch while mid hard hardness allows a firm gripping avoiding callous and pain in your hands when walking with crutches.

Spare handle pads shipping

We ship your crutch and canes handle pads worldwide.

When ordering your crutches or walking sticks remember to add some extra pads to take advantage of the shipping.

Information about to shipping time to your country is inmediately availble writing an email to

INDESmed buyer's reviews and impressions

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a brand new stylish crutch

J. Clark from Lonon - 2019-01-03

weighing 140kg and after 1 year of heavy duty use of my indesmed carbon fibre crutch ordered a couple of spare orange handle pads and here i am with a brand new stylish crutch again. good service and long lasting products

less load effort on my hands. much better with indesmed crutches.

Rebecca Woods from London - 2019-01-03

once assembled the carbon crutches first impression is really good. the silicone padding of the handle looks confortable and ergonomic and actually after a couple hours of using the crutches you feel like something if really different. different walking, different weighing, different stability and for me, less load effort on my hands. much better with indesmed crutches.




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