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Aluminum walking crutches
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Aluminium Walking Crutches

60.00£ / Elbow Crutch Open Cuff
70.00£ / Elbow Crutch Closed Cuff
Quantity (unit)
max load:15st
materials: AL6061, nylon, natural rubber, silicone
Cert:CE 11344-1/UK LISTED
Walking crutches - simple and smart design
Smart crutch cuff
Crutch handle - Avoid hand pain while using your crutches!
Crutch ferrules from INDESmed

Walking crutches - simple and smart design

Walking crutches in UK have been grey for too long.

Visit INDESmed website and have a look to our coloured aluminum crutches all fitted with the patented sizing mechanism for maximum comfort and ergonomics.

A simple, smart crutch design that allows maximum accuracy when adjusting your size while avoids poor crutching postures reducing hand and back pain.

open closed smart crutch cuff by INDESmed

Walking with open cuff, standing with closed cuff

Choose between the classic Open Cuff or the Closed Smart Crutch Cuff so you can use your arms freely while opening a door or shaking hands with your crutch hanging from your elbow.

Crutch handle, avoid hand pain while using your crutches!

The ergonomic curve of INDESmed crutches makes handle keeping your hand natural position avoiding nerve pinching, tendonitis, and shoulder pain.

While taking care of your hand skin, the anatomic handgrip distributes the body weight optimally.

INDESmed are the only crutches in the world you can accurately adjust the handle height. So simple and smart.

ergonomic handle for INDESmed walking crutches

Crutch ferrules from INDESmed

Discover the new crutch ferrules from INDESmed.

Maximum safety with minimum weight, our ferrules are equivalent to those of large diameter but due to the new smart materials like Dupont and Nylon we achieve a premium high durability / safety rate.

high friction rubber ferrule for INDESmed walking crutches


Size chart

Recommended size
Approximate height
Crutch size (h)*
72.83 in to 68.9 in (185cm/175cm)
h= 42.72 in (108,5 cm)
68.9 in to 64.96 in (175cm/165cm)
h=41.73 in (106 cm)
64.96 in to 61.02 in (165cm/155cm)
h= 40.55 in (103 cm)
* with the XL EXTREME tip, the height increases by 0.79 in compared to the height indicated
(from 42.72 in to 43.5 in)

INDESmed buyer's reviews and impressions

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Amazing crutches

Denis Doyle from Cork, Ireland - 2019-08-10

The crutches are wonderful, I noticed the weight difference at once, which allows me a better and more comfortable mobility.

these walking crutches are to quickly replace the ugly ones

Aurora B. from London - 2019-03-25

a quick review on your walking crutches to say...cannot understand why walking crutches were so ugly till now. actually these walking crutches are to quickly replace the old ones. they are so light and stylish. got the electric orange ones and i am now for the Jupiter purple crutches. tell your friends!

walking crutches to be proud of

Jenny S. from Birmingham - 2019-02-07

i'm walking with crutches since I was 12 and I must say these are very light but stable. So stylish and comfortable I started going outside again everywhere..proud to live and walk with my family and friends. thanks!

INDESmed Lofstrand Crutches review

MT - UK - 2018-11-05

hello, I've been using elbow crutches for 32 years now and I just got some new INDESmed elbow crutches and I want to give you my impressions. I really like the stylish design and the coating, colour coating is very good the handles are very confortable to use I don`t think they're going to cause soreness like the old traditional crutches do!

Interesting crutches design and concept

Gary P. - Hope Valley Derbyshire - United Kingdom - 2018-09-03

My crutches arrived today, thank you for super fast delivery. I'm trying them out now. A very interesting design and concept. I'm glad I chose the optional closed cuff.




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