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Zimmer frame

The zimmer frame by INDESmed is a stable walking frame with wheels: safe, lightweight, foldable, ergonomic and adjustable, your assistant with two wheels made of aircraft aluminum.
These zimmer frames are available for a wide range of users: walking frame for elderly, walking frame for disabled, medical walkers for toddlers and children's disability walker.
When your legs are no longer strong enough, when your balance is lacking, but also to alleviate the pain of your muscles and joints through weight distribution, rely on the stable and sturdy walking frame by INDESmed.
The INDESmed walker facilitate mobility at home and help with the first steps of rehabilitation.
Restore your confidence while walking with the walking aids from INDESmed.
There are walking frame accessories available such as walking frame rubber feet and the walking frame bag.

INDESmed Zimmer frame

Zimmer frame walker

59.00 £

Walking frame for elderly
Foldable and lightweight
Helps posture
With opcional zimmer frame bag
CE 100kg max


INDESmed Zimmer frame for walking very light and sturdy

Zimmer Frame with wheels

59.00 £

Walking frame for disabled
Foldable and lightweight
Helps posture
With opcional zimmer frame bag
CE 100kg max

Childrens walking frame by INDESmed

Children's zimmer frame

69.00 £

Children's Walking Frame
Coloured and lightweight
Helps posture
CE 13st max


INDESmed Zimmer frame basket for shopping

Zimmer frame and wheel chair basket bag

34.95 £

Zimmer frame shopping bag.
Free delivery

INDESmed spare rubber ferrules for Zimmer frame

Walking stick and crutch ferrules

13.95 £

Crutches ferrules 2 x pack

Indoor ferrule for zimmer frame

18.00 £

pack of 2indoor slipping ferrules for walkers

What is a zimmer frame

Zimmer frames are a walking aid or mobility aid for disabled or elderly people who require additional support to maintain balance and stability while walking.

Zimmer frames, like all walkers for mobility, are used as a tool for rehabilitation when the user is recovering from an injury or operation and for long term use when the user has a permanent difficulty with walking.
The zimmer frame by INDESmed offers to:
- Increase the confidence of the user while walking;
- Redistribute the weight through the arms and transferred away from the legs, so that there is an increased balance and a minor fatigue;
- Provide a wider support base, thus greater stability.

Zimmer frames by INDESmed are ideal for indoors use.

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