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Blue light glasses

US$ 46.15 / 1 pair of glasses
US$ 67.15 / Glasses + Pack of 4 straps
Frame color
Quantity (units)
Diopters: from +0 to +2.5
Holder strap: interchangeable flexible band
Lenses: blue light filter
Weight: 30g

Blue light glasses

Patented design

Replaceable flexible neck strap

Quality guarantee

delivered with your glasses

Glasses with blue light filter from INDESmed, flexible interchangeable neck strap and magnet in the bridge.

Blue light is high-energy light that screens emit and can have negative effects on our health. Studies show that overexposure to blue light may be associated with eye strain, increased risk of macular degeneration, and sleep cycle disruption. Our glasses filter blue light, especially the wavelengths with the highest energy of 400-440 nm.

INDESmed screen glasses protect your eyes from screen radiation and are also simply comfortable and chic. The ergonomics of their parts and the adjustment options allow the adaptation of the glasses of the morphology of each head. These parts can be disassembled and adjusted. Thus, you can separate the frame from the flexible neckband and combine it with other colors as you like.

The frame is modern and fits both oval and angular facial features.

The main features of your INDESmed screen glasses:

- Flexible neck strap made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), flexible and durable - 6 different colors available, easily interchangeable. Combine your screen glasses with your outfit and mood!

- Magnetic closure in the frame with neodymium magnets

- Blue light filter protects against overexposure to HRE rays, which is a threat to our health. Daily intensive use of smartphones, PCs or notebooks generates radiation, which is definitely a disturbance to our health. That is why our reading glasses all have blue light filters.

- INDESmed patented adjustment system at the back of the band. 7 extension options allow perfect adjustment of reading glasses.

- High quality pre-mounted lenses: checked with a vertex refraction meter in our laboratories before each delivery.

- 5 different dioptres: 0 - 1.0 - 1.5 - 2.0 - 2.5

- Corrective lenses can also be fitted on this frame.

- Supplied with a microfiber glasses bag, so you always have your glasses clear and clean, and a convenient cardboard box that you can use for many other purposes.

Reading glasses for men, instructions

Adjustable glasses with magnetic closure - Patented design

At the back of the strap is INDESmed's patented adjustment system, which offers 7 extension options that contribute to a perfect fit of the screen goggles.

The flexible neckband is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), a material that combines the properties of rubber with those of thermoplastics, making it soft, flexible but also durable. The neckband is available in 6 different colors and can be easily replaced without tools.

Combine your screen glasses with your outfit and your mood!

Replaceable flexible neck strap

The neck bands can be easily separated from the frame. By simply pressing the button on the temple (1) with the help of a pen or other pointed object, you can loosen the neck strap (2) and insert the new strap.

This way you can combine your screen glasses according to your taste. There are a lot of options available for you!

The frame is available in 3 colors (sapphire blue, deep black, amber orange and havana brown), the neckband in 6 (black, orange, gray, brown, purple and blue).

Up to 18 combinations so you wear your screen glasses every day according to your mood!

Technical control - your guarantee of the highest quality

The lenses of INDESmed glasses are checked for the correctness of diopters in our laboratories before each delivery. The screen glasses, with +0 diopters, are also tested individually.

We use a latest generation vertex refraction meter, an optical instrument used to measure the dioptric power of an ophthalmic lens, as well as to determine the optical center of the lens and the direction of the cylinder.

The test is performed for each order.

Glasses, microfiber glasses bag and cardboard box

Supplied with a microfiber glasses bag so you always have your glasses clear and clean, and a handy cardboard box you can use for many other purposes.

Reading glasses for men with an amazing packaging

Organic polymer crystals
Holder strap for glasses
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Rear adjustment
Magnetic closure
Neodymium magnet

INDESmed customer's reviews

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Everything great!

Bernd S. - - 2021-10-04

I have a carbon cane from Indesmed for a few years, and I am very happy with it. So when I saw the new reading glasses, I was curious from the beginning. I was sure that they would not be normal glasses. The flexible band, the adjustability on the back, the magnetic closure and the fact that you can change the band and combine colors, all great! They are really weird and intelligent people, the engineers of this company.

Lightweight and comfortable

Astrid B. - 2021-05-10

Very light and comfortable. Also saves me a lot of time since I don't have to look for my glasses all over the house. Highly recommended.