Our Story

This young engineer from Madrid was one of the few survivors of the serious Spanair plane crash (Madrid-2008). After multiple (16) operations, and during his long convalescence, he detected that there was a social need to be urgently resolved.

"I left the hospital with many fractures that finally healed, but I had one in my tibia that wouldn't close. I couldn't understand how someone who has to carry crutches for a time or for the rest of their life, had to endure this nightmare. Afterwards After several weeks of reflection, I deduced that it was important to try to improve the existing products on the market. All products or aids that contribute to improving our quality of life.

It was about solving several problems for hundreds of thousands of users of crutches, canes, walkers, etc., around the world. From those who have to use them for a limited time, or for those for whom these mobility aids are part of their daily life, using them for an indefinitely long time...

Today Rafael Vidal lives a totally normal life. "The experience helped me think about improving people's lives. Whether it was walking, seeing or hearing, I realized that in all these fields there is room for improvement to make a better world," says this talented Spanish engineer.

Today we are a company based in Madrid (Spain), founded in 2011, by a team of engineers specialized in bioengineering and medical devices, with extensive experience in the field of medicine and the aerospace industry. Vidal then found people who fit perfectly into this project, such as Surgeon Aleksandar Lovic (whom he met at the La Paz Hospital). INDESmed had started to walk. He began to walk from his tragic experience towards the Common Good.

Our DNA, our Values


We develop products that really help improve health. Functional, comfortable and ergonomic at the same time.


Products designed with the environment at heart: replace only the parts to be changed reducing the environmental impact.


INDESmed takes care of aesthetics by designing its products with accuracy and elegance.

INDESmed Team

compression socks

Rafael Vidal

Founding member and CEO

Non-conformist and persevering entrepreneur

flight socks

Aleksander Lovic

Medical advisor and member of the Board of Directors. Hand, vascular and peripheral nerve surgeon

A precision innovator

gradual compression socks

Enrique Gavilán

Sales & Marketing Manager for Spain and Portugal

Nina Liu

Sales & Marketing Manager for China

Deborah Miranda

Sales & Marketing Manager for France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada

Gisela Kuhfuss

Sales & Marketing Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Sales & Marketing Manager for UK and USA

Juan Luis Martín

IT Technician

María Achaques

Logistics Department Manager