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Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber crutches and canes
The Crutches made with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber crutches

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The Canes made with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber canes

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Our carbon fiber products
Each piece is individually handmade.
The carbon fiber production process makes it impossible to use a standardized mold for the entire process, as is the case with metal parts. Gentleness and precision is a feature of the final manufacturing process of our unique pieces, to achieve a perfect finish. The final touch is given by our operators specialized in the manufacture of this material.

The lightest in the world because…

Average weight: 0.44 lb.
100% carbon fiber structure for high strength (maximum load: 400 lb).

The Lightest Crutches in the World

The most comfortable because...

Ultralight: weighs 0.3 lb.
Carbon fiber structure that allows perfect weight distribution and maximum comfort.

Cane in Carbon Fibre: lightness and elegance
What is carbon fiber?
Carbon fiber is a synthetic fiber consisting of fine filaments of 5-10 μm diameter. Each fiber is the union of thousands of carbon strands. It has mechanical properties similar to steel and it is as light as wood or plastic, but due to its hardness, it is more resistant to impacts. The main application is the production of composite materials, especially with thermostable polymers, such as epoxy resin, which is thermosetting.