Walking Canes 100% Carbon Fiber 3k Twill

The lightest walking cane in the world

/walking-canes-images/Canes for walking, the lightest canes in the world
/walking-canes-images/Canes for walking, the lightest canes in the world



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High-Tech can for walking description

Canes for walking with silicone handgrips

A modern and fashionable cane for walking with an ergonomic handgrip and a soft silicone cover.

It's exclusive curved and oval carbon fiber frame allows optimal load transfer, and it's ergonomic handgrip ensures proper hand positioning avoiding wrist pain.

This fashionable cane for walking only weights 150 grammes / 5.2 oz, becaming the ligthtest cane on the market. All it's spares are fully compatible with our carbon fiber and aluminum crutches.

Now, with the new INDESmed carbon fiber cane you can have a modern feel, welcome to the future!

Cane or single crutch?

Canes for walking with resistant tips

Canes should be mainly used to increase stability or to reduce a small amount of your total weight over one leg.

While you can transmit 50% of your total body weight to the floor with a crutch due to the cuff as a stabilizer element, it will be very difficult to transmit a few kilos to the floor through your wrist without any upper stabilizer point on your arm.

As a rule of thumb, you should consider using one crutch when more than 10% of your weight must be released by the cane.

Canes for walking: world wide shipping

Adjustable canes for walking

We ship your fashionable cane for walking almost everywhere.

Shipping transit time will take from 1-5 days depending on delivery country. It usually takes 3 days to USA or Canada and 5 days to Australia.

Don`t forget to add extra tips and/or silicone handle pads for the grip to take advantage of the shipping.

How do I choose my cane size?

Cane for walking size table
How do I choose my walking cane size?
Standard sizes have been designed to maximize ergonomics and user comfort. Each size relates to a user's height range; this way, for example, size L is intended for user's height between 1,75m(69") and 1,85m(73").

You can see the relationship between user's height and canes size on below table.

If you are a walking cane "expert", you can measure the total length of your current walking cane (as in the picture), and check this lenght with the corresponding cane size length described in the table below (h).

Another way to find out the correct size is to measure the distance from the floor to your wrist while you're standing, shoulders relax, and arms relax to your sides. This dimension should be similar to the lenght (h) described in the table below.

We can also customize your carbon fiber walking cane with no extra cost; just tell us the desired length when or after ordering.

Cane size according user's height
user's height
Cane height(h)
check your correct size
remark measures when ordering

INDESmed customer's reviews

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Carbon fiber cane for walking - orange hand grip

Robert from Paris - 2020-01-24

Paris, January 24, 2020. Gentlemen, I received the cane I ordered on 21 January and I wanted to let you know that I am extremely satisfied. It is pleasant to hold, is very light and allows me to walk effortlessly as I have adapted so well to this "competition" cane. Not only does it have all the qualities that you announced, but I thank you for the precision of the manufacture to the exact length requested. I also thank you for the black tip that I just received. I wish you a lot of success, you deserve at least 5 stars. Best

Walking cane- carbon fiber

Harper from Brisbane (Australia) - 2019-06-26

A very very light and above all super elegant cane. My wrist doesn't hurt anymore, they explained me very well and insisted on how to adjust the height of the handle. I am delighted, I was not mistaken. Thanks again to the whole team.

Luxury walking stick

Thomas from Antwerp (Belgium) - 2019-02-05

Following our phone conversation and for your kindness, I would like to leave you a comment. Luxury walking stick that is well worth its price. I'm all the rage wherever I go, especially in the rehabilitation centre. Very light walking cane and a beautiful design which is important. The tips are really non-slip and resist well on more complicated terrain. I give you 5 stars.

Cane for walking, my new accessory

Marie from Dallas - 2018-12-14

Hello, I would like to leave my opinion on the purchase of a carbon fiber walking stick. I'm really surprised by its lightness and design; I ordered extra handle covers and tips in different colours, so that I can combine them according to my outfit, because I consider my walking stick as an extra accessory.
Thank you INDESmed for all these innovative and empathetic ideas.

Great walking cane!

Jonas from Uppsala (Sweden) - 2018-10-02

It's always difficult to buy on the Internet when you don't have the product in front of you, even though your sales team reassured me that I had a week to try it out and return it.
I'm completely satisfied, it's a completely different cane, which has nothing to do with the others I own. It is extra light, elegant...in short, thank you for the service and your products. See you soon,

The best walking cane!

Chris from Liverpool (UK) - 2018-08-15

I was looking for a cane more elegant than what I saw on the market, I was a bit desperate...I have to use a walking cane for life so it was important for me to find the right one. Out of desperation, I Googled luxury cane, and I came across your canes. I immediately liked the design and the fact that it was super light. I'm really pleased, it's beautiful and classy.

Carbon fiber walking cane

Frederik from Odense (Sweden) - 2018-05-11

I'm handicapped, but my walking is starting to improve. I've switched from crutches to walking sticks. A few months ago I bought the carbon fibre walking cane and it is a real pleasure to walk with it. I have just reordered the handle pads in other colours, to be able to change it according to the occasion. Very good idea!

Cane for walking - Carbon fiber

Hannah from Topeka (Kansas) - 2018-05-02

A beautiful walking stick, original, light and which gave me back my self-confidence. The strap is a real plus. The delivery is fast. It's a great product that I recommend.


Aurora from Scarsdale (New York) - 2018-03-28

I love my new carbon cane.
Apart from the elegant, modern design, what matters most to me is its lightness. Sometimes I forget I'm using a cane and this is very important as need to use it forever.

Excellent walking cane

Jorge B. from Great Falls (Virginia) - 2018-02-23

almost 6 months of use since I ordered this excellent walking cane..
design: looks better in reality than in the pics. use: once you start using it you realize why they say it is the best cane in the world!

best walking canes

Mike from Chicago - 2017-12-21

once you grip it you can feel the comfortable design and the high technology behind this walking cane.
the grip makes a real difference but what kills me is the incredible lightweight and the safety sensation when walking, even on wet floor.