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Walking boots 3D Walking boots: world exclusivity
Walking boots: 2 medical solutions in 1

2 medical solutions in 1

Walking boots: precision adjustment

Precision adjustment

Walking boots: greater comfort

Greater comfort

Walking boots: 10 sizes in one boot

10 sizes
in one boot

Walking boots with a breathable inner lining

inner lining

Walking boots with a TPU non-slip sole

Non-slip sole

Walking boots

The new CAM walker boot INDESmed is unique: it is the only walking boot adjustable in length, width and height.
In addition, it has an extra-comfortable protective sock made of a breathable fabric.

CAM walker boot

CAM Walker boot

US$ 175.40

The only boot adjustable in Length, Width and Height.
Short and Long boot at the same time.
From 37 to 46. Max. load capacity: 120 kg

Inner lining for CAM walker boot

Inner lining for CAM Walker boot

US$ 43.95

Comfortable protective inner lining for walking boot.
Made of breathable foam mesh fabric.
16 mm thick for great comfort.
Extension system for long boot.