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A new concept that sets the forearm crutches to your needs avoiding tendonitis, hands and shoulder pain. No noise, silent walking on crutches with unique style and comfort.

Discover INDESmed crutch patented adjusting system:
Handgrip and arm support can be accurate and separately adjusted, improving user comfort, health and stability.

The Smart Curved design, makes the user feel free while wearing a stylish, lightweight accessory that stands the test of time.

Crutches for kids or crutches for adults - you will find the forearm crutches you´re looking for at INDESmed.

Carbon fiber Crutches for Sport INDESmed

Carbon Fiber Crutches Sport Edition

US$ 377.60

World's lightest crutch Sport Edition
For Extreme users
440lbs(200Kg) max.load/crutch
Weight 0,5lbs(240gr)

carbon fiber forearm crutches

Forearm Crutches - 100% Carbon Fiber

US$ 283.20

World's lightest crutch!
440lbs(200Kg) max.load/crutch
Weight 0,5lbs(240gr)

Elbow crutches INDESmed

Elbow Crutches

US$ 70.80

Fully ergonomic and colorful
308lbs(140Kg) Max.load/crutch
Weight 0,85lbs(400gr)

Crutches for walking INDESmed

Crutches for Walking

US$ 70.80

No pain, no tendinitis
308lbs(140Kg) Max.load/crutch
Weight 0,85lbs(400gr)

lofstrand crutches

Lofstrand Crutches

US$ 70.80

Best crutches for your hands and arms.
308lbs(140Kg) Max.load/crutch
Weight 0,85lbs(400gr)

crutches for children

Crutches for kids

US$ 70.80

Light, sturdy funny crutches for kids
220lbs(100Kg) Max.load/crutch
Weight: 0,80lbs(360gr)

Canes accessories and spare parts

crutch hangrip sleeve accessory

Crutch and cane handle pads

US$ 14.16

silicone handle pads for INDESmed crutches and canes.

forearm crutches tip

Rubber non slip tip for crutches and canes (pack 2 units)

US$ 16.46

High safety crutch tip, best gripping, even in wet floor.

Fetterman tips with INDESmed crutches

Extreme XL non slip tips (pack 2 units) Tornado air.

US$ 47.14

Highly non slip tips. Improved safety. Pack of 2 tips.

forearm crutches closed cuff

Crutches Open/Close cuff

US$ 35.40

Open/close cuff style for INDESmed forearm crutches.


forearm crutches open cuff

Crutches open cuff

US$ 23.60

Crutch Open Cuff. 3 sizes available.

belt to close the crutch cuff around the arm

Forearm crutch belt for cuff

US$ 11.80

Crutches cuff belts.

ergonomic handle for forearm crutch accessory

Crutches and canes ergonomic Grip

US$ 44.84

adjustable handle for crutches and canes.
Avoid hand and wrist pain!

crutches ice pike

Ice Grips for Crutches

US$ 17.70

Walk on ice with your INDESmed crutches

Crutch tips for ice and snow

Crutch tips for ice and snow

US$ 25.96

Crutch tips for ice and snow
Reduced Dimensions
Stainless steel

Cuff junction

US$ 11.80

Open cuff crutch accessories

Closed Cuff lock

US$ 11.80

Open/Close cuff crutch lock

forearm crutches top caps

Crutches cap (pack)

US$ 11.80

4 x Crutches cap spares

How to use crutches

Before you use them for the first time, you should adjust the forearm crutches to your height. To do this, please stand upright in a step position. The leg to be relieved should be at the front. Next to this leg put the crutches.

Let your elbows stretch loosely and your arms on the sides. You should keep your elbow joints slightly flexed and never fully stretch them so as not to overload them. Be careful not to pull your shoulders up.
To find the optimal setting for your crutches, find the spot where the wrist is most noticeable. That should be the correct height at which we will slide the handle through the stick.

We will place the cuff just below the elbow.

The INDESmed crutches, allow an independent adjustment of these two elements (handle and cuff) with milimetric fitting, so that the user gets an adequate mobility aid exactly to his need for support in the most natural position possible.