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Our story starts here

Walking aids are nowadays better.
I'm Rafael Vidal, founder of INDESmed. What if I tell you nothing is impossible?

In 2008 I was in a plane trying to take off from Madrid airport. The plane crashed, leaving more than 200 dead. I was one of the 18 seriously injured survivors.

After 16 surgical operations, doctors decided to cut off the leg that had not yet healed. I refused and started to fight against standard medical procedures that had no cure for my case.

Due to my physical condition, I was fired from the company where I worked as a medical engineer.

In the basement of my home, I gathered a group of engineers who we used to work together and started designing the lightest, height adjustable, absolutely silent when walking, not causing hand pain forearm crutches in the world: INDESmed carbon fiber crutches can load up to 440lb with only 0.5lb weight.

In 2015, I found Dr. Aleksandar Lovic, a plastic surgeon who uses really innovative surgery techniques. He saved my leg and today I can run again.

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INDESmed team today

To help people recover better and faster from injuries and post-operative and rehabilitation processes we continued designing crutches, canes and walkers.

To improve the quality of life of short and long term disabled people, our portfolio includes today WALKING, REHABILITATION, VISION and HEARING AIDS.

Our team designs, manufactures and certifies his own products under CE and FDA medical devices standards.

INDESmed founding Team:

Mr. Rafael Vidal
co-founder and CEO
Telecommunication and medical engineer

Mr. Miguel Cappiello
co-founder, CCO and CFO
Physicist and electronics engineer

Dr. Aleksandar Lovic
product development adviser
plastic surgeon
Hand & lower limb specialist

real AIDS for real PEOPLE


Based on lightness, ergonomic and comfort concepts, nowadays our portfolio includes Crutches and Canes, Walkers on wheels, CAM walkers or compression socks. Always thinking that simplicity means best quality for better performance.

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INDESmed devices are life long lasting. If any part of your crutch wears out just change this part.
INDESmed BambooSmartec compression socks were the first in the world to use bamboo instead of plastic fibers. Packaging and instructions are recyclable.

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An emotional "Kansei" design hides behind our entire product range. Aesthetic and psychological aspect of our products, together with a selection of colors, will make a person forget he needs a walking aid. A perfect fusion between art and technical utility.

medical patents from indesmed

INDESmed: carbon fibre specialist

We design and produce carbon fibre parts for INDESmed products like crutches and canes but also for some of our customers under demand.

carbon fiber for medical devices

MISSION: research & development

INDESmed invents!

Our latest patents include an adjustable CAM walker to be released in 2020 and a revolutionary hearing aid system to be introduced in 2021.
We have a large list of projects ready to start and will be happy to share with you what we are into today.

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VISION: international strategy

INDESmed medical devices are distributed all around the world.
We are present in the world's leading medical fairs:
Rehacare or MEDICA in Germany
Naidex in United Kingdom
OrtoMedical Care in Spain
Arab Health in Arabic United Emirates.

We have distributors in US, UK, AUE, Australia, China and South Korea but also sell directly to patients and hospitals through website.

Our logistics expertise allows to ship our products safely and promptly worldwide. Express and overnight shipping is available to most countries.

indesmed business expansion

+30 countries

+20K customers

110% business growth in 2018

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