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A history of overcoming

Rafael Vidal was one of the survivors of the Spanair's plane crash (Madrid-2008). This encouraged him to found INDESmed in 2011.

How did we start?

After undergoing multiple surgeries and enduring an extensive recovery period, he discerned a pressing societal need that demanded attention.

It became evident that a reevaluation of how assistive products were designed, whether pertaining to mobility, vision, or hearing, was imperative. I recognized that there was ample room for improvement, with the potential to create products of superior quality, enhanced comfort, and aesthetic appeal; a contribution towards enhancing our planet's well-being.

This pivotal realization marked the birth of INDESmed, an endeavor dedicated to addressing these challenges faced by millions of users of crutches, canes, walkers, and various other assistive devices.

And where do we stand today?

We have evolved into a Madrid-based company with a remarkable 13-year track record of developing award-winning products that have garnered acclaim worldwide.

Our team is a fusion of skilled engineers, specializing in bioengineering and medical devices, boasting extensive backgrounds in both the medical sector and the electronics industry.

Vidal has assembled a cohort of individuals who seamlessly integrate into this project, including esteemed surgeons and exceptionally talented young minds.

Collectively, we are on a mission to enhance the quality of people's lives, driven by a profound commitment and an unwavering dedication to product excellence, all while keeping our customers at the forefront of our thoughts.






Satisfied costumers
Alain, professional spanish athlete, talks about INDESmed carbon crutches

Alain, Spain

Professional In-line Skater and Marathoner

Switching from conventional crutches to my INDESmed carbon fiber crutches was like landing in the 21st century after taking a flight in the 20th.... A joy!

Shirin, Engineering student from Austria, talks about her Carbon crutches

Shirin Alizadeh, Austria

Engineering student

The ease and fine adjustment is a big plus. After a few weeks, the wrist pain and posture improved a lot.

Joacim Boive, Enduro athlete from Sweden, talks about his carbon crutches

Joacim Boive, Sweden

Enduro Athlete

When I chose INDESmed carbon crutches the expectations were high! They did not disappoint! Super quality! Very well designed and so lightweight!