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INDESmed offers mobility aids including crutches, walking sticks and walking frames.


Our patented glasses are developed to adjust to your needs and tastes.


Prevention aids that adapt to you and your healing process, step by step.

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We understand your story because...

INDESmed: our story

Our story

Rafael Vidal, a young engineer from Madrid, was one of the few survivors of the serious plane crash in Spanair (Madrid-2008). This led him to discover the social and medical need to improve the aids on the market.

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INDESmed Ultralight adjustable crutches

Forearm Crutches - 100% Carbon Fiber

US$ 283.20


INDESmed Ultralight walking cane

Canes for walking

US$ 212.40


Exclusive INDESmed innovation: adjustable, customizable reading glasses

Reading glasses with magnetic latch

US$ 68.44

Our clients say...

  • From the first week, I felt less pain in my wrists. Tendonitis has gone away slowly, over time as if by magic. I was about to be operated. But the INDESmed have reversed the situation, thank goodness. I am very grateful. Read more
    Crutches INDESmed review


    Nebraska (US)

    Apart from the elegant, modern design, what matters most to me is its lightness. Sometimes I forget I'm using a cane and this is very important as need to use it forever. Read more
    Canes INDESmed review


    Scarsdale (New York)

  • I love my orange crutches. They are by far the best ones I ever had. Beautiful to see, light, resistant, ergonomic. My children like that they are made of aeronautical aluminium. Read more
    Aluminium crutches INDESmed reviews


    Chicago (IL)

    Excellent product both in design and functionality. I used them for my low oxygen yoga classes on mountain and I'm surprised how strong they are. Perfect hiking stick! Read more
    Trekking poles INDESmed reviews


    Denver (US)

  • My friend, pilot on BA, recommended me these compression socks that he uses during his long haul flights and I have to say that the compression is of such high quality that it is not noticeable even after many hours of use. The touch of the bamboo fabric is really a luxury and, above all, they do not stink. Read more
    Compression socks INDESmed reviews

    Samuel F.

    Dublin (Ireland)

    Today she uses it at home and sleeps with it nearby in case she has to get up at night. I asked her and she pointed out that what she likes the most is the color and the shape of the grip. Your walker gives her, she said, a sense of happiness on the one hand, and safety in her movements on the other. Read more
    Walkers INDESmed reviews


    Sheffield (Alabama)