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Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches and Canes. Quality of Life. forearm crutches and canes for easy rehabilitation Improved stability with INDESmed walkers and mobility aids

Our story makes us better understand YOUR story...

This project was born after a traumatic experience of one of its founders, Rafael Vidal...

This engineer from Madrid was one of the few survivors of the serious air accident of Spanair (Madrid-2008). After multiple (16) operations, and during his long convalescence, he detected that there was a social need to solve.

"I left the hospital with many fractures that finally healed, but I had one in the tibia that did not close. I couldn't understand how someone who has to carry crutches for a while or for the rest of their life had to endure this nightmare. After several weeks of reflection, I deduced that it was important to try to improve the existing products on the market. All the products that contribute to improving our quality of life.

The idea was to solve several problems for hundreds of thousands of users of crutches, canes, walkers, etc., all over the world. From those who have to use them for a limited time, or for those for whom these mobility aids are part of their daily life, using them for an indefinitely prolonged time...

Today Rafael Vidal makes a totally normal life. "The experience helped me to think about improving people's lives. Whether to walk, see or hear, I realized that in all these fields there is room for improvement to make a better world," says this young Spanish engineer.

Today we are a company based in Madrid (Spain), founded in 2011, by a team of engineers specializing in bioengineering and medical devices with extensive experience in the field of medicine and aerospace industry. Vidal then found two partners for this project: Physicist Miguel Cappiello (former co-worker) and Surgeon Aleksandar Lovic (whom he met at the La Paz Hospital). INDESmed had begun to walk.

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Currently the INDESmed Team...

... is made up of workers committed to that "IdEa", highly specialized in their products, communication and logistics. We are available in 7 languages (Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

INDESmed founding Team:

Rafa Vidal- Founder and CEO
Miguel Cappiello - Founder, CCO and CFO
Dr. Aleksandar Lovic - Surgeon, medical advisor and board member.

At INDESmed we design and manufacture products to help people in their daily lives; improving their quality of life is our mission.

Our DNA, Our Values: Real aids for Real people

We develop products that really help improve users' health. Functional, comfortable and ergonomic at the same time. Emotional design that inspires personal motivation.

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INDESmed products allow you to change only the parts/accessories you want, whether it's the cone, the handle or the clamp ... or if you simply want to change the color of the cover of your cane.

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INDESmed wanted to take into account the aesthetic and psychological aspect of its walking aids when designing an elegant design but also with cheerful colors that will make you forget your need for help.

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We are specialized in carbon fiber

The fusion of these experiences allows us to innovate and develop medical products and mobility aids using the most advanced materials and technologies.
We are pioneers and a world reference in the manufacture of carbon fiber crutches and walking sticks.

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Research and Development

These products were developed by engineers specializing in electromedical and aerospace equipment and reviewed by INDESmed specialists who focused on practical use and handling, obtaining exclusive products from an ergonomic point of view. "Functional but also emotional" is the message when you want to launch from our Technical Development Department.

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VISION: International strategy

Our products are a world reference in the field of technical aids for walking and rehabilitation, present in the main international events of the sector, such as:
Rehacare and MEDICA in Germany, Naidex in Great Britain, Orto Medical Care in Spain and Arab Health in Dubai.

INDESmed is present in more than 30 countries on 5 continents and has more than 20,000 satisfied customers.

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