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INDESmed offers mobility aids including crutches, walking sticks and walking frames.


Exclusive products that assist you throughout the rehabilitation process.


Our patented glasses are developed to adjust to your needs and tastes.


We understand your story because...

INDESmed: our story

Our story

Rafael Vidal, a young engineer from Madrid, was one of the few survivors of the serious plane crash in Spanair (Madrid-2008). This led him to discover the social and medical need to improve the aids on the market.

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Our best sellers

INDESmed Ultralight adjustable crutches

Forearm Crutches - 100% Carbon Fiber

US$ 281.40


INDESmed Ultralight walking cane

Canes for walking

US$ 207.90


Exclusive INDESmed innovation: adjustable, customizable reading glasses

Reading glasses for men

US$ 46.15

Our users say...

  • Switching from conventional crutches to my INDESmed carbon fiber crutches was like landing in the 21st century after taking a flight in the 20th.... A joy!
    Alain, professional spanish athlete, talks about INDESmed carbon crutches

    Alain, Spain

    Professional In-line Skater and Marathoner

  • The ease and fine adjustment is a big plus. After a few weeks, the wrist pain and posture improved a lot.
    Shirin, Engineering student from Austria, talks about her Carbon crutches

    Shirin Alizadeh, Austria

    Engineering student

  • When I chose INDESmed carbon crutches the expectations were high! They did not disappoint! Super quality! Very well designed and so lightweight!
    Joacim Boive, Enduro athlete from Sweden, talks about his carbon crutches

    Joacim Boive, Sweden

    Enduro Athlete