Walking Cane in 100% Aerospace Aluminum - Blue

US$ 57.70
Quantity (units)
Weight: 0.55lb (250g)
Max.Load: 308lb (140Kg)
CERT: CE 11344-1-2007

Canes for men in four amazing colors

Canes for men sales and orders

Canes for men size

INDESmed canes for men made of aerospace aluminum in four amazing colors

A modern cane for men made on a single curved piece of sturdy aerospace grade aluminum.

Our fashionable cane for men is very light and fun, available in 4 colorful styles and ergonomically perfect so we can assure you will not suffer tendinitis nor back pain when recover or long-term using.

Now, with the new INDESmed color cane for men you can have a modern feel, welcome to the future!

Canes for men with silicone hand grips

Canes for men sales and orders

We ship the INDESmed canes for men almost everywhere.

When placing the order you can see the estimated transit time and real time information of the package status is provided automatically on your email.

If you need overnight shipping just tell and we will do our best!

On the color menu you can choose your cane style suggestion:

Zen Blue: blue stick and black handle
Titanium Grey: grey stick and black handle
Electric Orange: orange stick and orange handle
Jupiter Purple: purple stick and purple handle

To choose your own stick and handle colors just inform us in the remarks area when ordering.

Canes pricing is per one: ordering 1 Color Walking Stick in the above Quantity menu means we will include all needed accessories in the box to start walking as soon as you receive it.

Adjustable canes for men

Canes for men size

INDESmed aluminum cane for men is made in 4 basic sizes: S, M, L and XL as showed in the walking stick sizes table.

Remember that the handle is height adjustable along the curved stick so you accurately adjust it if needed.

If you need a custom size, just choose your approximate size in the size menu and tell us the desired length of the stick in the remarks area when ordering. We will cut the stick to have your exact length at no extra cost.

user height range
stick lenght
73inch (185cm) / 77inch (195cm)
69inch (175cm) / 73inch (185cm)
65inch (165cm) / 69inch (175cm)
61inch (155cm) / 65inch (165cm)

INDESmed customer's reviews

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Cane for elderly, grey colour

Peter from Chicago - 2019-02-04

I got my cane... and it's even prettier than the picture. Super light, it's easy to adjust. Everything ok.

3 walking canes at the same time!

Erik from Biarritz - 2018-10-18

I was looking for "happier" cane, a nicer design, but also light and practical. My brother-in-law who works in a pharmacy in San Sebastian (Spain) told me about your brand and the positive opinions he received. So I decided to buy one...and I couldn't decide on the colour...and considering the price, I bought 3! It's like a fashion accessory. Thank you for making our lives a little bit happier.