Trekking Poles of 100% Carbon Fiber 3k Twill - 1 Unit

/walking-canes-images/Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Pack of 2
/walking-canes-images/Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Pack of 2

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US$ 56.65

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Treeking poles, Ultra-light, made of carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Pack of 2

All our experience in manufacturing carbon fiber products is now focused on our ultra-light trekking poles.
Our telescopic trekking pole is made of 3 strands of 100% 3k Twill carbon fiber, with semi-flexible epoxy for proper impact absorption while walking.


Main characteristics of INDESmed trekking poles:

- 100% carbon fiber 3K twill
- Quick lock system, in three strands
- Adjustable from 68 cm (folded) to 140 cm maximum length
- Handle with cork coating and black EPDM rubber finish (dual material handle)
- Nylon tip / protection point
- Tungsten tip.

Accessories included:

- Wrist strap, for more security and better handling
- Protective tip
- Nordic walking tip
- Winter basket
- Mud basket
- Carry bag available with the purchase of a pair of trekking poles.

Quick Lock System

Trekking poles with quick lock system security

Our trekking poles have a 3-strand Quick Lock System, so you can adjust them to your size and take them anywhere with you easily when you travel.

INDESmed customer's reviews

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Your trekking poles, great value for money

Paul from Swansea, Wales (UK) - 2018-06-12

INDESmed trekking poles have a great value for money. They are light and resistant. Strong points are the closures that have a great stability and the handle made even more ergonomic by the chosen material (cork), adaptive to the pressure of the fist.

light but strong hiking stick

Y.Bush, Denver (US) - 2018-04-05

excellent product both design and functional.

I used them for my low oxygen yoga classes on mountain and I'm surprised how strong they are. Perfect hiking stick!

best hiking sticks

M.Cardiff, Alaska (US) - 2018-03-22

heavy use (not abusing) on the very cool days.
I must say the quality of your hiking sticks is very good. Basket size should be bigger.