Walker boot 2 in 1 (double height)

Only one in the world that perfectly adjusts to your foot size

/walker-boots-images/INDESmed CAM walker boot
/walker-boots-images/CAM walker boot, adjustable in length
/walker-boots-images/CAM walker boot, adjustable in width
/walker-boots-images/INDESmed CAM walker boot
/walker-boots-images/CAM walker boot, adjustable in length
/walker-boots-images/CAM walker boot, adjustable in width

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CAM walker boot INDESmed, the only walking boot adjustable in Length, Width and Height

The INDESmed walking boot is a unique product, patented worldwide, which allows a perfect fit to the patient's foot during the different steps of the recovery process.
It can be used as a short walking boot or as a long walking boot by using extensors.

Valid for sizes 37 to 46. Maximum load: 120 kg.


INDESmed is once again at the forefront of mobility, rehabilitation and vision products, providing exclusive patents for all our products. Our patents are useful and practicial, and have come to transform definitively those products susceptible of improvement.

In this case, the objective is to follow the entire rehabilitation process of the user, progressively adjusting the immobilization of the foot, ankle, tibia or fibula, which is a breakthrough by facilitating a better fit, and therefore improve the immobilization as the disinflammatory process progresses, precisely adjusting the coupling of the boot to the immobilization need.

2 patents make the INDESmed CAM walker boot unique:
1. The option to adjust the CAM walker boot lengthwise and widthwise.
2. The adjustment system with extensors to convert the short boot into a long boot.

Always follow your doctor's advice during the whole process.

It also enables you to comfortably get rid of the walker boot at any time, to follow your entire rehabilitation by means of control X-rays, or simply to be able to have a shower while avoiding the complicated isolation actions, in the case of plaster casts for example, of this immobilization system.


The INDESmed CAM walker boot has many advantages; here are the main ones:

Precision fit

One of the most revolutionary aspects of INDESmed's walker boot is that it can be adjusted to the size of the foot with precision thanks to its unique system of lengthening and shrinking its base, simply by turning an allen key through a single entry point. In this way, not only do we have a boot to the size of our foot, but we can also adjust it to the millimeter as our foot deflates after the trauma, accompanying the patient throughout the recovery process.
The patented precision adjustment system adapts the width of the boot proportionally and automatically as the length of the boot is modified.
With the INDESmed walker boot, you don't have to settle for a walker boot that fits 3 or 4 foot sizes, with the consequent looseness that this may cause, but you will always wear the boot that best fits and immobilizes your foot.

Breathable protective inner lining

The protective inner lining is made of a breathable and anti-allergenic material, with a special thickness (16 mm) for greater protection and comfort. Only a type of material like this, without plastics inside, really allows a correct skin transpiration and avoids the unpleasant sweating caused by other walking boot systems, without forgetting the correct support of the foot.
The INDESmed inner lining is put on in such a way that it adjusts perfectly to the length and thickness of the foot.

Non-slip TPU sole

The material selected for the sole of the INDESmed walker boot is TPU with a high anti-slip rating. Inspired by the soles of footwear used under extreme circumstances, such as on oil rigs in the North Sea, INDESmed engineers selected for our walker boot the most demanding material on the market.

Other advantages

- One boot - different sizes (37 - 46)
- Height adjustment with extensions
- Two medical solutions in one: short and long boot
- Little storage for our retailers


Limitation and functional and movement restriction of the foot and ankle, in therapeutic processes and post-surgical recoveries such as: acute ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries of the calf, stress fractures of the tibia and fibula, stable fractures of the foot and ankle, stable distal fractures of the tibia and fibula. This product is designed to complement the medical treatments common to the above pathologies.

*Not indicated for patients with an EU shoe size less than 37 or with an EU shoe size greater than 46, patients with pathologies related to skin hypersensitivity or with coagulation-related diseases. Consult a doctor in these cases.


In unstable fractures and when there are not acceptable limits of angular and rotational deformity. Do not use the product on open wounds. Always consult your doctor in these cases.


1. Short boot structure with straps.
2. Lateral extensions to form long boot with straps.
3. Protective inner lining for short boot.
4. Protective inner lining extension for long boot.
5. Allen wrench.

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