Forearm Crutches 100% Carbon Fiber 3k twill

The lightest & strongest crutches in the world

/crutches-images/forearm crutches carbon fiber made by INDESmed
/crutches-images/forearm crutches made from carbon fiber are stronger than aluminum ones
/crutches-images/forearm crutches carbon fiber reinforced
/crutches-images/forearm crutches carbon fiber made by INDESmed
/crutches-images/forearm crutches made from carbon fiber are stronger than aluminum ones
/crutches-images/forearm crutches carbon fiber reinforced

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Size XS S M L XL
Crutch length (l) 3.11ft95cm37.4in 3.37ft103cm40.55in 3.47ft106cm41.73in 3.57ft108,5cm42.71in 3.87ft118,5cm46.65in
User height (h) less than 5ft145cm - 155cm57.08in - 61.02in 5ft - 5.4ft155cm - 165cm61.02in - 64.96in 5.4ft - 5.75ft165cm - 175cm64.96in - 68.9in 5.75ft - 6.1ft175cm - 185cm68.9in - 72.83in more than 6.1ft185cm - 195cm72.83in - 76.77in

Crutches sizes

The INDESmed forearm crutch is fully adjustable simply moving the cuff and Hand-Grip along the curved area, but each size has been designed to maximize ergonomics and user comfort.

Each size relates to a user's height range; this way, for example, size L is intended for user's height between 70" and 72".

You can see the relationship between user's height and crutches size on below table.

How to size crutches

Forearm Crutches INDESmed precise adjustment

To get the your correct crutch size just measure the distance of your hand and forearm to floor when standing with your arms as close as possible to your body.

If you are a crutch user already, measure the total length of your old crutch and check this lenght with the corresponding crutch size length described in the below table (h) or remark the exact length you need us to customize it.

Inform of these measures in inch or cm in the remaks area when ordering your crutch(es).

Best Forearm Crutches: lightweight, heavy duty, comfortable crutches

The lightest forearm crutch in the world, about 0,5 lbs, built on a one piece 100% carbon fiber frame standing 440lbs load.

With an exclusive curved and oval shape that allows a perfect regulation and anatomic adaptation, the continuous regulation of the handgrip and cuff improves the design, and avoids the annoying noises of the standard fixation systems.

Also exclusive, is the ergonomic handgrip design which increases considerably the users comfort and avoids the known problems of walk easy forearm crutches:

- Keeps the natural position of the wrist, this suppresses the pain of the median an ulnar nerves.

- Spreads the corporal pressure over the hand, avoiding the pain on the palm of the hand.

- Improves the position of the thumb finger, decreasing or totally suppressing the hardness that appears due to a long-term use of crutches.

Its tip of high friction coefficient rubber and Dupon, highly improves the safety of the user and decreases simultaneously the total weight.

Buy now the best forearm crutches!

Ergonomic forearm crutches, NO Tendinitis

We are completely sure that you will not suffer tendinitis with our ergonomic handgrip.

We are so confident about our patented design that we can say it loudly: NO tendinitis!

Where to buy INDESmed forearm crutches

Buy your INDESmed forearm crutches online at INDESmed official website www.indesmed.com

Crutches price includes everything you need to start using your new INDESmed Carbon Fiber Crutches!.

Shipping is free for Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches and Canes in US and some countries. Check delivery timing by selecting your country and mode (standard or express) when ordering.

XL size or custom sizing is also available as a free option.

The INDESmed carbon fibre crutch is available, free of charge, with the fully open or the new closed/open cuff.

The open/closed cuff allows to free your hands, when for example opening a door, without loosing the crutch.

Our forearm crutches are extremely lightweight, no effort is needed to lift your arm with a hanging crutch.

Tips for your crutches

We supply our carbon fiber crutches with a standard 1.6" (41mm) diameter high friction rubber tips.

If you normally use an extra-large or super-size tip you can order our Extreme XL tips, highly non slip (pack 2 units) with 2" diameter 53mm to take advantage of the shipping.

Both types are 19-22mm standard tube compatible.

INDESmed customer's reviews

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A masterpiece that would have deserved a design prize

Manfred A. - Architect - Berlin - 2023-03-14

The two walking aids are a feast for a juggler. Someone like that can certainly elicit a high potential of artistic pieces from the device. You have to be careful not to get too enthusiastic. Sophisticated down to the smallest detail - a masterpiece that would have deserved a design prize.
Every movement is an exploration of the lightness of the material. In daily use, it provides new inventions of moving out of the immobility of stiff joints, confident that normal mobility can be achieved again.

My thanks go to the makers of this extraordinary creation.

Mrs. Kuhfuß, you are marketing a very good product.
Congratulations and further success!

These crutches have been life changing for me...

Larry J. from Roseville (MN), USA - 2022-09-24

These crutches have been life changing for me over the last 3 years that I've been using the carbon fiber versions. You're making a big difference in people's lives! (I bought the cheaper aluminium version this time just so I have a back-up pair.) I had polio as a child and have been using crutches for over 60 years.

Fetterman crutches competitor

Joseph C. from Dallas (TX) - 2020-03-02

Finally a real competitor to Fetterman crutches. These are really worth trying.

Good things about your canes

C.F. from Sidney, Australia - 2020-02-23

I am based in Sydney Australia and trying to find a local stockist here. I have heard good things about your canes and wish to purchase one. Please let me know if there are local stockists here.

INDESmed: Dear C., Dora, from Scooters and Mobility has a large stock of our products.
Ph: 02 9150 0787 Mob: 0411 376 103, 422 Stoney Creek Road, Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Email: dora@scootersmob.com.au

Lightweight and sturdy, the silicone handle does not create sweat in the hand

Martha from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2020-02-17

A reliable and envied "companion" on the road. Light and robust at the same time. I've used this forearm crutch for years and never had any problems. The silicone handle does not cause sweating even on hot summer days. The only one I can also take on a plane

Weight of the carbon fiber crutches is just incredible!

Peter Weinstein from Raanana, Israel - 2019-10-24

Weight of the carbon fiber crutches is just incredible!
Very impressive design, best in the crutches world with no doubts.

these crutches deserve a Nobel Prize

Ian Broinowski - Hobart, Tasmania - 2019-10-02

Whoever designed these crutches deserve a Nobel Prize - thankyou

comfort and ease of use

William Culhane - Montana (US) - 2019-07-15

I agree with with all of the positive reviews regarding comfort and ease of use. The physics of the design placing the heel of the hand on the axis of the shaft eliminating any flex is brilliant.

Very happy with these forearm crutches

Shi Rin, Austria - 2019-01-16

I found the INDESmed carbon forearm crutches on the Internet because I was not happy with my previous crutches (standard aluminum crutches).

I am 22 years old and since my leg was amputated a few years ago, I use forearm crutches everyday.

That's why it's very important that they are ergonomic and allow me to cover even longer distances without strong back or wrist pain.

Handgrips: The fact that the handgrips can be adjusted to any height is a considerable advantage, as I was able to adjust them specifically to my height. The silicone on the handgrips is very nice and easy to clean. The forearm crutches I ordered them originally with grey silicone pads.

Tips: on tips, I was very skeptical at first. I thought they would be consumed quickly enough because they were so anti-slip. Instead, the customer service explained to me exactly why the tips are made exactly the same way. In fact, with this feature, the maximum slip resistance is guaranteed, but it may be necessary to order them more often. But it does not matter, because each component of the crutches in carbon can be ordered separately. In summer, I used crutches on vacation and used them on stone, asphalt, gravel, seabed, and so on. Everywhere, they were very stable and non-slippery and I could trust them. In the winter, I was able to use them a bit on snow and on icy surfaces for the first time. It was not really a problem. In winter, it is more slippery than usual because of the scattered gravel on roads and sidewalks.

INDESMED crutches in short: The transition to carbon crutches represents a very big change compared to standard aluminum crutches. It took me about a week or two to get used to it and to fully trust them. At first, it is difficult to cope with the great facility because the weight has to be moved differently. But once this transition is completed, the ease of use of crutches is an incredible benefit

Indesmed's customer service was very accommodating when I asked for information on carbon crutches and I was able to answer all my questions. They even offered me crutches for 2-3 weeks to test them.

Measuring about 174 cm, I was therefore advised to order crutches in size L. I chose the foldable armrest. The crutches were sent immediately after payment and I received them within three days.

Overall, I can say that after many walks, the wrist pain has improved a lot thanks to the new crutches. In addition, after a few weeks, my posture improved a lot. In the meantime, I have already bought a second pair (black silicone and with the normal cuffs), which I use for the house. I am very grateful to have found these carbon crutches and the excellent care provided by the customer service.

best crutches for amputated leg

J.L. from Naples (FL) - 2018-11-04

Hi, it's been 1 year now from my leg amputation and after some time in a wheelchair and trying to walk with several crutches, including forearm and axillary crutches from amazon and forearm crutches from walmart. Eventually I found these carbon fiber forearm crutches online from the INDESMED guys. Amazing fast-free delivery and there I started using them around in the house. Now I use them 100% of time and can't be more satisfied. Incredible light, sturdy made, the feeling is like enhancing my walking at every step. bought the aluminum ones also but carbon fiber is a must for the shock absorption and lightness. must try the best INDEMED forearm crutches!

These crutches are amazing, I love them!

H.A., Houhora, Australia - 2018-07-11

I’m from Australia and was searching for some new crutches that were a bit different and more stylish, I’m on crutches all the time and these crutches are amazing, I love them! They are so light easy to manoeuvre, don’t make any noise, the best part is they look brilliant I’m telling everyone about them. I would recommend grabbing some arm straps, for me they have made these crutches so much easier to use. Great product!! Cheers guys and girls, awesome 😉

My pain in my wrists disappeard as if by magic

Richard from Nebraska (US) - 2018-06-17

I bought INDESmed crutches in carbon fiber a year ago. From the first week I felt less pain in my wrists. Tendonitis has gone away slowly, over time as if by magic. My previous crutches, which were traditional, orthopedic, apart from the fact that the noise made me feel uncomfortable, I never got used to clicks at every step, they made me bend my wrist and in the long run they damaged my tendons . I was about to be operated. But the INDESmed have reversed the situation, thank goodness. I am very grateful.

These crutches are like no other on the market

O.S. London (UK) - 2018-04-05

These crutches are like no other on the market, they look good, feel good and most of all are exceptionally light.

Over the course of walking around 10,000 steps a day this reduction in weight will surely make a huge difference for the user. I found them to be very unimposing and so light that you might forget you had them. My usage of them so far has been as such, day to day, shopping, driving, and running errands. I have not really had the opportunity to push them to the limit in a race for example.

Invaluable crutches, aesthetically and practically

R.S. Mold Flintshire (United Kingdom) - 2018-04-03

I have been left permanently disabled after an accident and the two crutches I have purchased have been invaluable aesthetically and practically. Thank you.

Wonderful looking crutches!!

Craig Denver (US) - 2018-04-01

They are wonderful looking crutches!!
The black stick and orange handgrip ones perfectly match my CarbonBlack wheelchair.

Light and easy to use crutches

J.Clyde Chicago (US) - 2018-03-22

Wanted to let you know the package arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for checking.
Your crutches are a life saver for me so light and easy to use. I am so glad I found your company on the internet.

by far the best crutches have ever used

J.Parker New York (US) - 2018-02-25

I got the new pair of crutches today.
They are a fantastic improvement, after 4 leg surgeries and way too much time spent on crutches they are by far the best I have ever used. I will gladly recommend you to anybody in the future for the great products and service.

Best crutches

P.M. Atlanta Ga (US) - 2018-02-12

You have a great product! I am a user of your forearm crutches now for over 9 months, they are the best.
Thank You!

Love my crutches

Beatrice (Chicago,IL) - 2018-01-23

thank you for your prompt shipment.
The crutches are actually much better in reality than in the pictures.

Your crutches are fantastic and a million times better than my old steel ones

Geoff Bell (Western Australia) - 2017-12-25

I am 81 years old and got polio at age seventeen and have a leg mostly paralysed so can't walk without crutches.

I have a 3 hectare property an hour out of Perth with lots of garden and some small tourist cottages all of which
I planted and built.I have had a great life and still ride my Spyder motorbike,sail my yacht and fly with a friend in a
homebuilt aeroplane.

Your crutches are fantastic and a million times better than my old steel ones. Merry Christmas to you too from Western Australia.

Perfect crutches, perfekt service

I. M. Gunderson, Alta (Norway) - 2017-12-12

The crutches are extremely good and your service perfekt efficient, never seen better.
Thank you very much!