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Lofstrand Crutches - Aerospace Aluminum

US$ 67.99 / fully open Cuff
US$ 78.49 / open-close Cuff
Quantity (units)
Price: the price is per unit, not per pair
Crutch weight:0.9lb/400gr per crutch
Max user weight:308lb/140Kg CE 11344
Materials: al6061, PA66, silicone

Cool Forearm Crutches

NO Tendinitis guranteed

Crutches shipping

New closed cuff crutch option

Crutches sizes

Cool Forearm Crutches

Now you can take advantage of all the ergonomic features of our carbon fiber crutches series just with some extra weight.

The INDESmed aluminium color crutches series keep the exclusive curved an oval frame, and are available on four amazing mate colors to fit your favourite style.

You will not suffer tendinitis during your recovery, and you won’t have pain in the hand as usually happens with standard crutches.

Keep being the coolest guy on town! Buy INDESmed cool color crutches series!

Lofstrand Crutches with closed cuff

New closed cuff crutch option

The innovative open-close cuff position allows two use modes. When in mode "close", you use your arms freely avoiding the crutches to fall, for example opening a door.

Open mode position is useful to feel more comfortable and free, for example when taking a walk.

Lofstrand Crutches handles

NO Tendinitis guranteed

We have designed and patented a new ergonomic handgrip, with a really cool exchangeable color cover of soft silicone.

We can assure you won’t have pain on your hand during your leg recovery!

Lofstrand Crutches INDESmed tips

shipping your crutches world-wide (minimum 2 units)

We ship your color crutches almost everywhere, but notice that a minimum of two units (one pair) will be required.

Shipping transit time will take from 1-5 days depending on delivery country. It usually takes 2 days to UK, 3 days to USA or Canada and 5 days to Australia.

Crutches sizes

Every color forearm crutch is fully adjustable simply moving the cuff and Hand-Grip along the curved area.

Each size has been designed to maximize ergonomics and user comfort. Each size relates to a user's height range; this way, for example, size L is intended for user's height between 1,75m(69") and 1,85m(73").

You can see the relationship between user's height and crutches size on below table.

If you are a forearm crutch "expert", you can measure the total length of your current crutch (as in right picture), and check this lenght with the corresponding crutch size length described in the table below (h):

Crutch size according users height
user's height
h (see fig.)
47in(118,5cm) only grey

INDESmed customer's reviews

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silent crutches

Sylvia from London (UK) - 2019-10-15

I have had my gorgeous purple crutches for 5 years they are light, silent, no hand or arm pain, just fabulous.

Color - feather weight Crutches

Kelly from Boise (Idaho) - 2018-07-13

I've always used the regular type forearm crutches you see all over the web. After 25 years of them, these are a surprise.
Love the color and LOVE the feather weight. So light. Outstanding quality too. I'm really glad I found you.

Lofstrand Crutches superb design

Steve from Vancouver (Washington) - 2018-07-07

Today the orange crotches arrived. I want to thank you for your excellent service. The design and workmanship is superb. I could not be happier!

crutches don't have to be ugly!

Elsa Smith from New York - 2018-07-03

Thanks so much for providing something that is actually rather stylish--I am so glad that I found others who hold the opinion, like me, that crutches don't have to be ugly!

I love my INDESmed orange crutch, light, resistant and ergonomic

Robert from Chicago, IL - 2018-05-06

Hello! I love my orange crutches. They are by far the best ones I ever had. Beautiful to see, light, resistant, ergonomic. My children like that they are made of aeronautical aluminium ahahahah. I'll order them in another colour, maybe blue this time. Best regards and thank you from Durham.