Magnetic reading glasses for presbyopia with blue light filter - 1 pair of glasses

/reading-glasses-images/Reading glasses for men, black color
/reading-glasses-images/Reading glasses for men, black color


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Reading glasses blue light: Main features

Reading glasses for men, instructions

The new INDESmed reading glasses blue light are extremely comfortable, trendy and take care of your eyes.
Often the blue light emitted by computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions of the latest generation causes excessive eye fatigue that could lead to eye problems. For this reason all INDESmed lenses are equipped with a blue light filter.
In order not to subject your eyes to all this stress, the blue light filter is a practical and effective solution.

The price of INDESmed reading glasses blue lightincludes:
- a colored frame with magnetic closure with neodymium magnet, the strongest and most durable magnet;
- an interchangeable holder strap with patented adjustment of the same color as the frame;- lenses with blue light filter to protect the eyes from the blue light of the screens;
- a microfiber case with dual function (housing and cleaning) and a beautiful recyclable box;
- different diopters available: 0 - 1.0 - 1.5 - 2 - 2.5.

Blue light filter

INDESmed blue light reading glasses are equipped with a filter designed for blue light.
The blue light is a high energy light that screens such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers emit and can have negative effects on our health. Studies show that overexposure to blue light can be associated with eye fatigue. Our lenses filter out blue light, particularly the wavelengths with the highest energy of 400-440 nm.

Fully Adjustable: an INDESmed patent

The patented INDESmed adjustment system is located on the back of the holder strap and offers extension options that contribute to a perfect fit of the glasses.
They are unique in the reading glasses market.

Customizable: interchangeable flexible holder strap

The rods can be disassembled and adjusted. In this way, it is possible to separate the frame from the elastic and combine it with other colours as desired. Countless combinations are available!
The frame is available in 3 colours (blue, black and brown) and the temples are interchangeable and are also available in 3 colours (blue, black and brown): up to 18 different combinations can be created.

Product Information

The lenses of INDESmed blue light reading glasses are checked in our laboratories before each shipment to ensure that the diopter is correct.

We use a state-of-the-art frontofocometer, an optical instrument that allows us to measure the front image power of a spectacle lens.

The check will be made for each order; confirmation will be sent with each pair.

Reading glasses for men with an amazing packaging
Organic polymer crystals
Holder strap for glasses
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
Rear adjustment
Magnetic closure
Neodymium magnet

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