/walkers-images/Walker for toddlers Electric Blue with bag
/walkers-images/Walker for toddlers Electric Blue with bag


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Walker for toddlers, ultralightweight, colorful, foldable with a beautiful design

This Walker for toddlers and teenagers with limited motor skills proposed by INDESmed is a walker designed for children from early childhood to adolescence.

This medical walker for toddlers is completely adjustable in height, stable and extremely light at the same time, with reduced dimensions and folding, sturdy and colored, and with a beautiful design.

The INDESmed toddlers' walker with wheels offers the child and the young person, who has some difficulty walking, great freedom of movement, and the possibility of reaching and exploring every corner of the neighborhood and school.

It is a stimulus to the development of motor skills and a comfortable ally of parents, in a phase of rehabilitation of the child who, not being autonomous in walking, requires great attention and commitment: this walker offers safe and stable support for the child and the teenagers.

The INDESmed walker for toddlers, available in two vibrant colors, allows your child to train muscles, which acquire the necessary tone to support him in an upright position, a correct psychomotor development and a sense of balance.

All this favors him the possibility of walking as soon as possible.


Perfect height adjustment

In order to use the walker for special needs child correctly, it is very important to adjust the height.

The INDESmed Walker for toddlers can be adjusted to perfection (29inch min).

It folds comfortably thanks to a useful closure system that allows to store it when you are not using it, or when you move by car, transporting it with comfort and safety and occupying the minimum essential.

It has been designed for both outdoor and indoor use, its width of 22.64inch allows it to be placed in the bathroom, if necessary.


Special bag and slip tips for walking easily on carpets and rugs

The walker bag, which can be bought separately, has three front pockets, one of which is the largest with a zip. It weighs only 1.1 lb and has a capacity of 10 L, perfect for a child-size walker.

Slippery rubber pads or, slip tips, make it easier to drag on carpets and carpets in the home.
You can walk on the soft, silent and welcoming surfaces of your home with your new INDESmed walker for toddlers.
Also suitable for tiles, lacquered parquet, raw wood, and marble. They do not leave marks on the floors.

You can find them at the following links:
Slip Tip for carpets

Features and measurements

Here is a table with the features and measurements of our walker for toddlers:

from 3 feet height
Grip height
29inch min.

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very advisable for children

Katherine F. - Lubbock - 2020-02-20

The horizontal grip system makes it very advisable for children (mine is 3 years old and is used indoors), because in addition to regulating the height perfectly, it forces her to position herself correctly and allows her to improve their stability. The colour purple is a great choice.