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/walkers-images/Walkers with wheels, foldable, with bag, ergonomic grip prevents wrist pain
/walkers-images/Walkers with wheels, foldable, with bag, ergonomic grip prevents wrist pain



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Walker with wheels for seniors, rehabilitation and disabled adults. Improve stability for risky conditions with this lightweigth folding walker

Walkers with wheels  medical walker keeps wrists' natural position assuring you will not suffer from tendinitis or any other pain on your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders

The best two-wheel walker is narrow, foldable, with two wheels and two tips, with an optional bag.
The walker with wheels INDESmed is a two-wheeled walker , perfect as an indoor walker for seniors or for rehabilitation, extremely light, helps to stay active and walk safely during rehabilitation and everyday life.
Walkers are mainly used in rehabilitation and indoor therapy. People with the need for walking support or weak people can use these walking aids, as they are very stable and offer the user anti-tilt support. It is, in fact, a perfect walker for disabled.

The indoor walker passes through narrow doors, elevators, curved corridors. With its only 22.44inch of width, it favors the movement in an autonomous way without worries, helping to regain autonomy and self-confidence.

With an attractive design, made of aeronautical aluminum, it is a very lightweight foldable walker: it's easily foldable in a very compact way.

Functional, ergonomic and for all ages

Walkers with wheels, easily foldable in a very compact way

The ergonomic grip of this medical walker keeps wrists' natural position assuring you will not suffer from tendinitis or any other pain on your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Designed from the beginning for personal use, with the exclusive and easy "fold & height" mechanism, the folding walker by INDESmed can be adjusted in its height to suit every user requirements and when necessary the walker is folded for very compact storage size.

Weighing only 6.17 lbs and with 22.64inch width, the features of the INDESmed walker make it well suited for use in the clinical setting and allows for an easy transition to use at home.

The braking tips avoid unwanted back movements of the walker while the front wheels special features make movements easy in every direction for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its unique and attractive design makes it suitable for all ages.

The removable shopping bag completes the functionality of the walker.

Please, always follow your Doctor's instructions.

Stable and sturdy: anti-fall

Despite its lightness, in tests, this medical walker put on an inclined plane with a slope of 30% with a weight of 5.5lbs of load, it does not overturn.

Both uphill and downhill, even with this large angle of inclination, the INDESmed walking aid remains stationary (thanks to the high friction coefficient of the brake pads). These tips avoid unsafe movements in ascents or descents, both in the direction of travel and backward. The front wheels make it easy to move in any direction.

Special bag and tips for easy walking on carpets and rugs

The bag, which can be bought separately, has three front pockets, one of which is the largest with a zip. It weighs only 500 g and has a capacity of 10 L.

Slippery rubber pads make it easier to drag on carpets and carpets in the home.
You can walk on the soft, silent and welcoming surfaces of your home with your new INDESmed walker.
Also suitable for tiles, lacquered parquet, raw wood, marble. They do not mark floors.

You can find them at the following links:
Slip Tip for carpets

Features and measurements

Here is a table with the features and measurements of our walker with wheels:

6.17 lb (+ 1.1lb of the bag)
Maximum axis height
22.64 in/Foldable
Adjustable height
from 29.53 to 37.40 in
Max load
220.46 lb

INDESmed customer's reviews

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more useful and practical for rehabilitation

Denis C. - St. Louis - 2020-02-19

I ordered one from your walkers since the one they offered me at the hospital was in a horrible dark grey. It also weighed a lot. But the surgeon who was visiting my father during his convalescence told me, that he found your walker more useful and practical for rehabilitation. Very happy with it!

Kindness and professionalism of INDESmed team

Sonya from Blackpool - 2018-06-03

Good evening,
I want to emphasize the kindness and professionalism of the INDESmed team and the ergonomics and lightness of their walker. A simple and efficient design that makes this walker light yet robust and solid : thank you.