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/crutches-images/INDESmed Non-slip tips, orange
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Forearm Crutch/Cane Rubber Tip

INDESmed rubber tip is made of high friction coefficient rubber and Nylon, very light and sturdy materials, increasing considerably the safety of the crutch or cane user while decreasing the overall weight.

The Nylon reinforcement avoids the cutting of the rubber by the aluminum or carbon tubes.

Designed to accomplish a maximum contact with the ground during all the rotating movement that carries out the user.

It's unique design achieves higher contact angles than any conventional tip, increasing considerably the user safety.

High Performance Crutch Tips, excellent grip and durability

Our rubber tip has an optimal relation grip/durability.

Durability depends on use and for a day to day use the tip will last several months.

For professional, sportive use or intensive strolls, our forearm crutches are an optimal solution, due to the ligthweight, safety and high performance features.

In particular, carbon fiber forearm crutches structure, promotes the energetic return in every step, saving muscle effort and improving the crutching technique.

We recommend to visually check your tips from time to time to better performance and max safety of after an intensive use.

Resistant tips to increase user's safety

Spare tips for crutches and canes Shipping

You can order at any time your spare tips for INDESmed crutches or canes.

We ship them worldwide and estimated transit time depends on your country. Please check with our service for special and/or urgent orders (service@indesmed.com)

We recommend to take advantage of your crutch/cane order to order some spare tips.

INDESmed customer's reviews

Heather C., Grover Beach CA, USA  - amazing customer service

Heather C, Grover Beach CA, USA

amazing customer service

What amazing customer service, thank you! I went ahead and ordered the six pack so I will have extras in the future. Please send the tips in black. I absolutely love my crutches! Thanks for such a wonderful product.