Sport Edition Crutches 100% Carbon Fiber 3k Twill

handmade with flexible epoxy and internationally awarded

/crutches-images/Carbon crutches Sport Edition for running
/crutches-images/Carbon fiber crutches Sport Edition, marathon in Berlin
/crutches-images/Carbon crutches Sport Edition for running
/crutches-images/Carbon fiber crutches Sport Edition, marathon in Berlin

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Carbon Fiber Crutches Sport Edition: extreme resistance and damping

The INDESmed carbon fiber crutches are the lightest in the world: a weight of only 0.5lb (220 grams, as much as a mobile phone) for a maximum load of 440lb (200 kg).

They are made with a single handmade carbon fiber rod. Thanks to this feature these crutches have a better stability, a higher load capacity (200 kg, 440lb) and an incredible lightness compared to standard crutches.

The Sport Edition stands out for the materials used: in addition to the carbon fiber, there is a resin called Epoxy which, giving greater flexibility than any conventional crutch, allows the carbon to absorb all the energy of shocks, giving extreme cushioning. Thanks to these characteristics of carbon and resin, the Sport Edition carbon fiber crutch is able to reduce vibrations to a minimum.

Exclusive design: lightness and ergonomics

The curved shape of the crutch allows a perfect and ergonomic adaptation to the tendons and muscles of the arm and shoulder. In addition, due to the method of attachment used, there are no annoying noises such as a metallic click while using the crutches.

The ergonomic design of the handle offers greater comfort and prevents known problems with conventional crutches, such as pain in the wrists, hands and shoulders or joint problems, which sometimes causes tendonitis.

The handles are covered with medical silicone pads and have a non-circular shape that increases the contact surface between hand and crutch while keeping the wrist in a natural position. The position of the thumb is more natural, which reduces the tension on the hand, a factor not to be ignored especially with intensive use.

This is a unique crutch design at the forefront of orthopaedic innovation.

Full Sport pack

With the carbon fiber crutch sport edition are included:
One open arm rest strap
One XL extreme tip for intensive and extreme use

How to choose my size?

Different rod lengths are available to ensure optimal ergonomics for everyone. Each size is suitable for a specific height.
But to be on the safe side, you can measure yourself by following these steps:
When standing relaxed, with your arms along your hips you have to take the measurements. Measure the following distances:
- a: inside the forearm: distance between the wrist and the inside of the elbow
- b: distance between the wrist and the ground

Recommended size
Approximate height
Crutch size (h)*
*with the Extreme XL tips the total crutch is 0,79 inch (2 cm) higher.

INDESmed customer's reviews

Rachel, Toronto, Canada - No pain, yes sports

Rachel, Toronto, Canada

No pain, yes sports

Their unique features, elegant and sturdy design, incredible lightness and ease of handling overwhelmed me! Your carbon fibre crutch has become my faithful companion, even when I go doing sports. I am convinced that my posture has improved a bit, as well as the pain in my wrist and elbow. I am simply super satisfied.

Alain, Basque Country - Carbon Fiber Crutches Sport Edition by Indesmed

Alain, Basque Country

Carbon Fiber Crutches Sport Edition by Indesmed

I was lucky enough to have been the first to try them during a marathon in Spain and I immediately felt the difference, more flexibility, more shock absorption... an innovative product, like everything Indesmed produces.
Once again, congratulations!

James Williams, Salem, USA - Enjoy the mountain!

James Williams, Salem, USA

Enjoy the mountain!

I found these carbon fiber crutches online and decided to try them on. They're just amazing! I've always been a mountain enthusiast and thanks to these crutches I feel like I can do anything! They're incredibly durable, they don't slip on wet ground, they friction everything. I feel very safe using them, they are so comfortable and light that I can tackle even the most problematic walks without any problems with my hands or shoulders. They are highly recommended both for sports and everyday life!