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Crutch Handle Pads

crutch pads

cane handle grips cover
silicone cruch pads for grip
Pads for crutches and canes INDESmed in colored silicone
US$ 14.16 / unit
US$ 23.60 / Pack 2 units
US$ 37.76 / Pack 4 units
Quantity (units)
Weight: 25 gr
material:hypoallergenic silicone
crutch pads:handle
cane pads:handle

Crutch pads for crutches and canes handles

Spare handle pads shipping

Crutch pads for crutches and canes handles

These crutch handle pads, made from soft medical grade silicone (CE, FDA certified), makes a comfortable grip while taking care of your hand skin.

Available in multiple colours, easy exchangeable, provides excepctional haptic.

Fully compatible with INDESmed cane grips.

Spare handle pads shipping

We ship your crutch and canes handle pads worldwide.

Information about to shipping time to your country is inmediately availble writing an email to

When ordering your forearm crutches or walking sticks remember to add some extra pads to take advantage of the shipping.

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Very comfortable hand grips pads

Lucy from Cardiff, Wales - 2018-06-05

I have been using Canadian crutches for 17 years and spent a lot of time looking for crutches with padded handgrips
From the very first time I tried yours, I could feel the difference. Comfortable handgrips on contact, very soft padding and what to say of my pain .... disappeared!
I congratulate you. Now I no longer feel pain, ever since I use INDESMED crutches .
Instead, the previous ones did hurt me both at the hands and at the wrists, which I had to keep bent to grasp the handgrip