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Crutch tips for ice and snow

Crutch tips for ice and snow rectangular steel

Crutch tips for ice and snow rectangular folded
Crutch tips for ice and snow in function
US$ 25.96
Quantity (units)
Thickness of the peaks: 1,5 mm - 0.01 in
Material :Stainless steel, chrome-plated
Weight: 47 g - 0.094 lb
Made in : Switzerland

The new crutch tips for ice and snow for your crutches and sticks: a new design

The crutch tips for ice and snow are handcrafted in Switzerland and they are designed to allow the best adhesion between the INDESmed crutches and canes and icy, snowy soils.

Reduced size: more comfortable and injury free

The size of this accessory has been reduced to a minimum in order to prevent the tips from getting caught in clothes or socks, prevent ankle injuries and at the same time have a discreet appearance.
This is made possible by the way you close and open the crutch tip:
- When bending upwards, the tips are practically shielded;
- downwards, in operation, the parallel position prevents disengagement from the crutch.

Technical features

CAUTION: Not compatible with XL EXTREME tips.

Thickness of the peaks
1,5 mm - 0.01 in
Number of peaks
Stainless steel, chrome-plated
47 g - 0.094 lb

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very good ice spike for snow

Thomas Fellerman, from New Zealand - 2019-12-03

use to walk on snow and ice, never found spikes like these in NZ. good!