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Crutch tips X-Treme - Tips for extremely safe use

The new X-Treme crutch tips from INDESmed provide extreme slip resistance thanks to their new design and exclusive composition. The X-Treme tips are made of a TPU (thermoplastic material) of the latest generation with a special higher coefficient of friction that provides maximum grip on the floor even in wet conditions.

INDESmed has also taken into account the importance of lightness in the development of the new crutch tips. The crutches must be light to avoid overloading the shoulders and back. For this reason, the new INDESmed tips weigh only 65 g. INDESmed has once again achieved the lowest weight in this segment of intensive use.

INDESmed's X-Treme crutch tip also features a revolutionary tread surface design to drain water from wet surfaces, improving grip even in these conditions. The oval shape, unique to INDESmed crutches, ensures a perfect fit.


Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, is one of the existing types of polyurethane. It is a linear elastomeric polymer and therefore a thermoplastic.

Thermoplastic polyurethane is characterized by its high abrasion resistance. The combination of its properties makes thermoplastic polyurethane an advanced engineering plastic, which is why it is used for special applications such as, in this case, the production of our tips.

Properties of thermoplastic polyurethane:

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is an elastomer characterized by the following properties:

High wear and abrasion resistance.
High tensile strength and tear resistance.
Very good damping capacity.
Very good flexibility at low temperatures.
High resistance to greases, oils, oxygen and ozone.
Excellent elastic recovery.

X-Treme safety

For INDESmed, the primary objective of the X-Treme tips is to seek the maximum safety of the users of their crutches and walking sticks, to avoid the possibility of slips and falls.
The contact point on the ground (whether wet or dry, rough or smooth) is a crucial element to achieve the maximum safety. For this reason, the high coefficient of friction of the material used in our X-Treme tips, as well as the size of the diameter of the base and its careful design with rills to facilitate water drainage, contribute to achieving this goal of safety when our users walk.

Comfort - shock absorption

The comfort of these tips developed by INDESmed is achieved by the good shock absorption capacity and elasticity of the TPU. The energy released by the impact of the capsule on the ground with each step is transferred through the crutch* to the hand, arm, shoulders and back. The greater the daily activity of the user, the more important this feature of "cushioning" becomes, the greater the comfort.

*It must always be taken into account that the material of the tube of the crutches also has a direct effect on the absorption of the energy generated by the impact on the ground of the crutches or walking sticks. Carbon fiber is a material that has, among other things, the property of absorbing a large part of this energy.


As with car tires, there is a direct correlation between durability and the adhesion level. The greater the adherence, the shorter the durability. INDESmed has achieved a perfect balance between adhesion/durability with the formulation of the TPU material used with its tips.

The useful life of our X-Treme tips naturally depends on the activity and requirements of the user and the terrain. The 1.5 cm thick compact material at the bottom of our tips guarantees excellent durability for intensive use with the highest demands.

The X-Treme INDESmed crutch tips are particularly suitable for intensive and athletic use, regardless of the ground, smooth or rough, wet or dry. They are also suitable for users of walking sticks and crutches who are looking for maximum safety when walking.


INDESmed X-Treme tips are compatible with crutches and poles of other manufacturers with a cross-section of 20-19 mm. Benefit from our technology!

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