/crutches-images/Tornado Air tips, for walking canes
/crutches-images/Highly non slip tips for crutches
/crutches-images/Tornado Air tips, for walking canes
/crutches-images/Highly non slip tips for crutches


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Lightweight crutch tips with increased shock absorption for active people.

The new super durable crutch tips Tornado AIR are lightweight and have a shock absorption effect that reduces fatigue and the risk of muscle injury.

This improved comfort and higher shock absorption prevents the long-term shoulder damage.
Tornado AIR crutch tips prevent slipping and falling on wet surfaces and are especially recommended for very active people.

Weighing 62 grams, they are a very attractive alternative for people who are more active and are looking for longer durability with maximum safety in their crutches and walking sticks.

Shock absorption and comfort

Comparison INDESmed tips

If there is one thing that distinguishes the crutches we produce, it is their ergonomics, which avoids tendinitis (tendonitis), pain in the palm of the supporting hand and shoulders.

The modulus of elasticity of the Tornado AIR crutch tips is 5x greater than that of normal ferrules. The energy of the impact wave on the ground is stopped in the first place thanks to the crutch tips Tornado AIR, thus saving arms, shoulders and back. This shock absorption, together with the unique ergonomics and design of our crutches and walking sticks, neutralizes the energy and impact on hands, back and shoulders, which visibly improves the comfort of users while walking.


The Tornado AIR crutch tip incorporates a large perforated steel disc that is mechanically connected to the surrounding shell.

The disc can support large crutch loads and flexes without ejecting. This makes them last longer than ordinary crutch ferrules.

INDESmed customer's reviews

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Non slip tips XL

John-Paul from Los Angeles (USA) - 2019-11-07

I wanted to congratulate you on this product. The tips are ultra resistant (I walk several miles every week) and absorb shocks. I recommend them 100%.

Exteme XL tips

Bernard from Saint-Louis (France) - 2019-04-28

I discovered them a little bit later, I already use your crutches and the tips suited me perfectly. But considering my frequent hikes on more extreme terrain, I decided to get your XL tips that I only use during these activities. So I'm juggling between the two models. Very very satisfied.