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Orthopedical Crutches for Kids

Crutches for kids INDESmed colored

INDESmed crutches for kids keep the natural position of the child's wrist avoiding tendinitis and hand and arms pain.

Curved and oval shape allow a perfect regulation and anatomic adaptation; the continuous regulation of the handgrip allows them to adjust according to the height of your child. This increases the child's comfort.
Handle silicone covers are made of soft medical grade silicone (FDA certified).

These crutches are silent, with no clicks when walking.

Highly resilient aluminum, tested according to EEC norms, INDESmed crutches for kids are available in multiple amazing colors.

They are adaptable to the millimeter to the height of the kid.

We deliver your crutches directly to your home

We ship our crutches for kids only with our trusted couriers (usually FEDEX or UPS).

Shipping transit time will take from 3-5 days depending on delivery country. It usually takes 3/4 days to USA or Canada and 5 days to Australia.

As soon as you place the order a message will be sent to your e-mail address. If you haven't received it in a few minutes try at your spam box or send us a message to info@indesmed.com

Remember that you can buy the crutches for kids of the same color or of different colours.

Crutches' sizes for kids

How do I choose the correct sizing for my kid crutches?

Every child's forearm crutch is fully adjustable simply moving the cuff and handgrip along the curved area, but each size has been designed to maximize ergonomics and child's comfort.

Each size relates to a child's height range; for example, size L is intended for user's height between 1,75m(69inch) and 1,85m(73inch).

You can see the relationship between the child's height and crutches size on the table below.

Unless otherwise requested on the notes, size d1 is sent (children's size 2.75 inches diameter)

If your child needs a special size you only have to let us know according to the table below.

Recommended crutch size
approx. kid height
crutch height(h)

INDESmed customer's reviews

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our daughter loves your crutches -- thank you!

B.C. from 10025 New York - 2019-01-17

Dear Customer Service,

My daughter is enjoying your crutches! thank you for the spare parts and quick delivery.

Your colored aluminium crutches, perfect for my son

Louis, Kansas City - 2018-06-07

These colored aluminum crutches are perfect for my son, I ordered them blue zenith. He is very proud of them. Both the handgrip and the cuff can easily be adjusted in length to be adapted exactly to the height of the child. Congratulations for this ergonomic and cheerful product.

great service

Raf, Denver. - 2018-02-26

I bought a pair of carbon crutches customized for my daughter, it is really a quality product , and the service is great.

fun crutches!

Melania, CA - 2018-02-14

my son loved this crutches! feels them like a toy!