Crutch cuff ring spare part (2x)

US$ 10.13
Quantity (units)
material: 100% rubber
color: black

Rubber ring for crutches cuff

Rubber ring for crutches cuff

The INDESmed rubber ring is a special gasket that provides greater adherence of the arm rest to the crutch and at the same time provides the necessary friction without damaging the material of the crutch shaft, whether aluminum or carbon.
This special rubber ring is inserted inside the arm rest by making the opening of the ring coincide with that of the arm rest and then inserting the crutch rod.
It is advisable not to force this rubber gasket too much, but to insert it slowly. It is also important to check that you have placed the rubber ring correctly.
Please remember that this is just a replacement. This piece comes with your crutch. This is an easily to replace spare part when your cuff wears out.

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crutches parts replace

John W. from NY (US) - 2019-10-08

the idea behind this is if any of your old crutch is weared you don't have to put the crutch to the bin. just replace that part!!