Interchangeable colored straps for INDESmed glasses - Pack of 4 straps


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Eyeglasses holder strap for reading glasses INDESmed

The flexible lanyard for reading glasses INDESmed is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), a material that combines the properties of rubber with those of thermoplastics, making it soft, flexible and durable.
It is a interchangeable colored eyewear cord with patented adjustment.

The INDESmed glass lanyard can be disassembled and adjusted. In this way, you can separate the frame from the lanyard and combine it with other colors of your choice. Countless combinations are available!
The frame is available in 3 colors (blue, black and brown) and the lanyard is interchangeable and is available in 6 colors (blue, black and brown): up to 18 different combinations can be created.

Fully adjustable: an INDESmed patent

The patented INDESmed adjustment system is located on the back of the lanyard and offers extension options that contribute to a perfect fit of the glasses. They are unique in the reading glasses market.

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