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Open cuff for forearm crutch

US$ 21.47
Quantity (units)
Cuff Weight: 25gr
Material: ABS plastic
certif.: CE,FDA compliance

Crutch cuff for INDESmed crutches

Crutch cuff shipping

Crutch cuff sizing

Crutch cuff for INDESmed crutches

Ergonomic cuff on ABS plastic.

The height is adjustable by user along the crutch curved area.

A textile belt is available as spare part to close the crutch around your forearm.

Crutch cuff shipping

We ship our crutch cuff world wide.

Please check the estimated transit times for spare parts to your home writing an email to service@indesmed.com

Crutch cuff sizing

3 sizes available as shown in the table below.

Cuff available sizes
Inner cuff diameter
2.75in (7cm)
Standard, Adult
3.14in (8cm)
3.54in (9cm)

INDESmed customer's reviews

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Your cuffs can be fixed millimetrically

Ron from Whashington DC (US) - 2018-06-08

All my compliments because the cuffsthat must be fixed at 3 cm. above the elbow, with this millimetric adjustment system, now it is possible for me. With my previous crutches there was no way to do it!