Crutches Cuff Closing Belt

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/crutches-images/belt for cuff crutch

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Close your cuff

With the new textile belt you can take even more advantage of the INDESmed lightweight crutches. You will easily use your hands or arms to open a door or shake hands freely.
Place the ribbon in the open INDESmed armrest openings. Because our crutches are ultra-lightweight, you can reach objects and use your arms with the crutches hanging from them smoothly, comfortably and easily. Its function is to allow you to free your hands and arms at any time and also to offer greater safety if you need a free hand to open the door or answer a call: the crutch will stay on your forearm without the need to be leaned somewhere and eliminating the risk of it falling.
This way you can keep the crutches on your arms; especially useful for athletes who need to keep the crutches fixed to their arms tightly, unlike the closed armrest which goes wider. In fact it is much appreciated by athletes using INDESmed crutches, who can have them stay more securely fixed to their forearms without shifting during workouts and performances.
If you need your INDESmed crutches to hang on your arms while you do a small activity, like opening a door or shaking a friend's hand, use the armrest with the belt on.

Just one size

The belt of our forearm armrest promotes comfortable and soft use, as they don't need to be replaced for different seasons of the year, when the thickness of our forearm varies depending on the clothes we wear: simply adjust them as you need.
Your cuff has 2 side openings so the belt can easily be fitted and adjusted to match your forearm size very accurately.


At the moment there are two colors available: black and orange. You can color match your armrest belt with the rubber tips or your silicone pad.
All crutch accessories can be changed separately.

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cuff belt for crutches

J.Field, 56, from Sidney, Australia - 2020-04-06

easy to use, included for free when ordered a couple of sport edition carbon fibre crutches. thanks!