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Trekking poles tips from Tango, the most adherent and durable

If the trekking poles are to be used on asphalt, stone or hard ground, dirt with gravel and stones, breaches, etc., you should use trekking pole tips which reduce the metallic noise.

TANGO Sportswear trekking pole rubbers also serve to protect the pole and its tip from wear and tear and ensure a long service life.

They are made of Nylon, which resists very well and is very durable.

They are very tight and secure.

Trekking Poles Tips - main features of TANGO sportswear rubbers

Trekking pole tips - main characteristics:

- Easy to fix on the stick, perfect adaptability

- They are suitable both for stony ground and asphalt, with a firm grip, they support the walk and dampen vibrations, to give you walks in the mountains and in the city in complete relaxation.

- Great shock absorption thanks to the elasticity of the material: total silence of use.

- They are sold individually (per unit)

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They are safe and adhere well

Anne D. - Morris - 2020-02-06

This trekking pole rubbers protect the poles well against wear and tear and last a long time in comparisson of what I have experienced with other tips.
They are safe and adhere well. I liked the adaptability, they fit perfectly on the pole.

reliable and durable

Hugues S - Leicester - 2020-02-03

Those of indesmed are very good rubbers; good value for money; able to dampen vibrations during walking, reliable and durable.