Forearm Crutches 100% Aerospace Aluminum 6061

Available in 4 colors

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/crutches-images/lofstrand aluminum cruches
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Product Forearm Crutches 100% Aerospace Aluminum 6061 - XS Forearm Crutches 100% Aerospace Aluminum 6061 - S Forearm Crutches 100% Aerospace Aluminum 6061 - M Forearm Crutches 100% Aerospace Aluminum 6061 - L Forearm Crutches 100% Aerospace Aluminum 6061 - XL
Size XS S M L XL
Length (l) 3ft - 3.3ft 3.37ft 3.47ft 3.57ft 3.87ft
User height (h) less than 5ft 5ft - 5.4ft 5.4ft - 5.75ft 5.75ft - 6.1ft more than 6.1ft

How to choose my size?

Different rod lengths are available to ensure optimal ergonomics for every build. Each size is suitable for a specific height.
But to be on the safe side, you can measure yourself by following these steps:
When standing relaxed, with your arms along your hips you have to take the measurements: and measure the following distances:
- a: inside the forearm: the distance between the wrist and the inside of the elbow
- b: the distance between the wrist and the ground

Elbow Crutches: in Aeronautical Aluminium Light Alloy

The Elbow Crutches in light aluminium alloy INDESmed give comfort to the user and guarantee the ergonomics up to the limits that currently allows the most advanced technology and the most modern materials. They weigh only 400 grams each and withstand a load of up to 140Kg.

The INDESmed walking pad is made with a single rod in an aeronautical aluminium alloy. Thanks to this feature, it has better stability, a higher load capacity (140 kg) and an incredible lightness compared to standard crutches.

INDESmed Coloured walking crutches are lightweight and completely silent.

The crutch is sold individually or in pairs, and the price includes the cuff (either standard open or open-close), the handle with the silicone pad (also available in various colours) and the rubber pad (also available in various colours).
This is a crutch with an exclusive design at the forefront of orthopaedic innovation, made with the latest generation of materials that can be customized by changing the colors of the padding of the handle, tip, and rod.

Fully ergonomic and zero tendonitis

INDESmed elbow crutches are designed so that the user can correct posture: an upright position to avoid the discomfort to the shoulders and back resulting from prolonged use.
The curved shape of the crutch, as well as the attachment of the handle and armrest to the oval rod, allow a perfect and ergonomic fit to the tendons and muscles of the arm. In addition, due to the method of attachment used, there are no annoying noises such as a metallic click while walking.
In addition, the handles are covered with medical silicone pads and have a shape that is not perfectly circular so as to increase the contact surface between hand and crutch while keeping the wrist in a natural position. The position of the thumb is more natural, which reduces the tension on the hand, a factor not to be ignored especially with prolonged use.

Cuffs: standard open or closed

INDESmed has two armrest options available:
- Open brachial support, adjustable to the millimeter along the crutch rod;
- Closed brachial support, also adjustable to the millimeter along the crutch rod. Its function is to allow you to free your hands and arms at any time and also to offer greater security if you need a free hand, for example, to open the door or answer a call: the crutch will remain on your forearm without the need to be placed somewhere and eliminating the risk of it falling off.

Open cuff, "classic": 3 sizes (d1, 7 cm; d2, 8 cm; d3, 9 cm)
Open cuff, "classic": 3 sizes (d1, 2,76 inch; d2, 3,15 inch; d3, 3,54 inch)

Closed cuff: one size fits all (d3, 9 cm)
Closed cuff: one size fits all (d3, 3,54 inch)


INDESmed offers high quality crutch accessories so that you can always walk safely and comfortably on crutches:

- Walking canes & crutch rubber tips in different colors that do not slip even when wet
- Extreme XL tips, highly non slip, with special shock absorption and resistance, ideal for sports
- crutch handle pads: Hypoallergenic silicone covers, which also serve as padding for handles
- Crutch tips for ice and snow: for using crutches and canes even in the mountains with snow and ice
- Cuff Closing Belt

All accessories for crutches can be changed separately.

INDESmed customer's reviews

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Pamela from Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) - 2020-02-17

Incredibly beautiful and light and cheerful! Live the color when you are in trouble and 5 stars for relieving the tendinitis that I had on my shoulders and hands. Courteous customer service, so THANK YOU.

silent crutches

Sylvia from London (UK) - 2019-10-15

I have had my gorgeous purple crutches for 5 years they are light, silent, no hand or arm pain, just fabulous.

Color - feather weight Crutches

Kelly from Boise (Idaho) - 2018-07-13

I've always used the regular type forearm crutches you see all over the web. After 25 years of them, these are a surprise.
Love the color and LOVE the feather weight. So light. Outstanding quality too. I'm really glad I found you.

Lofstrand Crutches superb design

Steve from Vancouver (Washington) - 2018-07-07

Today the orange crotches arrived. I want to thank you for your excellent service. The design and workmanship is superb. I could not be happier!

crutches don't have to be ugly!

Elsa Smith from New York - 2018-07-03

Thanks so much for providing something that is actually rather stylish--I am so glad that I found others who hold the opinion, like me, that crutches don't have to be ugly!

I love my INDESmed orange crutch, light, resistant and ergonomic

Robert from Chicago, IL - 2018-05-06

Hello! I love my orange crutches. They are by far the best ones I ever had. Beautiful to see, light, resistant, ergonomic. My children like that they are made of aeronautical aluminium ahahahah. I'll order them in another colour, maybe blue this time. Best regards and thank you from Durham.