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Next Day Crutches Service, buy crutches on express delivery.

Overnight express service by INDESmed and UPS EXPRESS

Next Day Crutches Service, a collaboration between UPS Express UK and INDESmed, medical technology to offer the best technology and service for INDESmed buyers located in UK or Spain. Check express delivery timing for any other country.

If you are in needing of a high quality elbow crutches after a surgery or just want to change your old ones, we can offer overnight shipping with next day delivery.

Available on all INDESmed products, you can choose it just selecting "Express Delivery" when ordering on our website.

buy crutches on express delivery with ups

Next Day Crutches Service works from Monday to Thursday. Orders received after 3pm will be delivered in 2 days time.

Delivery Information required for best service

When available, you will receive an email with the UPS tracking number so that you can track your product online at any time.

Please double check when ordering:

- Name, telephone and email of person at delivery
- Delivery address at home and special instructions for hospital room number or hotel reception.

Personal information for maximum crutches benefit

In order to assure maximum comfort and benefit when using your new crutches or cane, as well as to confirm the correct size, please provide us with the information below when ordering.

- Your approximate height
- Distance from hand to floor approximately
- Distance from elbow to floor approximately
- Your forearm diameter approximately
- Cuff style option (open or closed)
- Cause of use

If you are a regular user of crutches, please let us know:
- Length of your old crutches approximately
- Distance from the hand-grip to floor approximately
- Maximum arm cuff diameter approximately
- Any other relevant information