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Discover INDESmed crutch patented adjusting system.
Handgrip and arm support can be accurate and separately adjusted, improving user comfort, health and stability.

The Smart Curved design, makes the user feel free while wearing a stylish, lightweight accessory that stands the test of time.

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INDESmed carbon fibre elbow crutches

Carbon fibre elbow crutches

240.00 £

World's lightest and strongest crutches
Max 30st(200Kg) full weight crutch load
0.5lb(220gr) weight
free delivery for anyone

INDESmed aluminium forearm crutches

Aluminum walking crutches

60.00 £

Coloured crutches for walking
Max 22st(140Kg) full weight crutch load
0.88lb(400gr) weight
free delivery for a pair

INDESmed crutches for children

Crutches for kids

60.00 £

Coloured crutches for kids
Max 16st(100Kg) full weight load
0.8lb(350gr) weight
free delivery for a pair

INDESmed carbon fibre forearm crutches

Carbon fibre elbow crutches Sport Edition

320.00 £

INDESmed aluminium ergonomic crutches

Forearm crutches

60.00 £

Fully ergonomic
Max 22st(140Kg) full weight crutch load
0.88lb(400gr) weight
free delivery for a pair

INDESmed aluminium coloured crutches

Coloured crutches

60.00 £

No pain, no tendonitis
Max 22st(140Kg) full weight crutch load
0.88lb(400gr) weight
free delivery for a pair

crutch hangrip sleeve

Crutch and cane handle pads

12.00 £

Crutch silicone pad for handle

crutches and canes rubber ferrules

Walking stick and crutch ferrules

13.95 £

Crutches ferrules 2 x pack

rubber ferrules for crutches

Anti-slip Crutch ferrules
Not available - coming soon

39.95 £

Large based, shock absorbing ferrules for crutches

closed cuff option for crutches

Crutches Closed Cuff

30.00 £

Elbow crutch closed cuff

ergonomic cuff for forearm crutches

Crutches Open Cuff

20.00 £

Elbow Crutches Open Cuff

forearm crutches cuff closing belt

Forearm crutch belt for cuff

10.00 £

Elbow Crutch Cuff Belt

ergonomic handle for crutches

Crutches and canes ergonomic Grip

38.00 £

Crutch silicone handle for crutch

Snow and Ice accessories for crutches and canes

snow and ice accessories for crutches

15.00 £

Ice and snow accessory for crutches and canes

Crutch ice spike for crutches and canes

Crutch ice spikes

22.00 £

Crutch ice spikes
Reduced dimensions
Stainless steel

10.00 £

10.00 £

crutches accessories

Stick top cap

10.00 £

Crutch top cap spare 4 x pack

INDESmed Smart Crutches

INDESmed crutches are the smart alternative to old fashion, heavy, grey crutches.

Lightweight, stylish crutches that will not harm your hands.

INDESmed elbow crutches allow accurate size self-adjusting for maximum comfort.

You can adjust both handle and cuff height independently, perfectly matching your body and arms length.

What size crutches do i need?

INDESmed elbow crutches are fully adjustable by simply moving the cuff and/or hand-grip along the curved area to maximize ergonomics and use comfort. A standard L size will work for most persons (this is the size we supply to hospitals or nursing homes)

When buying your crutches directly from our website we offer 4 sizes we have customized for your convenience: S, M, L, XL or custom (check the table below)

To know what size crutches do you need just measure the distance between your wrist and elbow along the inside of your arm, and between your wrist and the floor when you are standing straight with your arms by your sides.

crutch size

Select one of the sizes we supply or just inform your measures in inch or cm in the remarks area when ordering your crutch(es).

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