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Carbon Fibre Elbow Crutch

very lightweight and sturdy elbow crutches

best elbow crutches in uk
elbow crutches vs underarm crutches
elbow crutches fashion and style
240.00 £
Quantity (unit)
Elbow Crutch Cuff
crutch weight:0.5lb(240gr approx)
Max load:30st/200Kg
Cert:CE 11344-1/UK LISTED
adjustable elbow crutches
Crutch Handgrip Ergonomic Design
Attractive and sporty
Closed cuff option for INDESmed crutches
Crutches Rubber Ferrules

Elbow Crutches, now in UK

Each crutch weights only 230 grams, the same as a small mobile phone and stands up to 200Kg,

Our UK patented elbow crutches use hi-tech materials like carbon fibre and last generation engineering and testing processes to build the lightest crutches in the world.

The carbon fibre frame makes these crutches much stronger than aluminum crutches and able to bear far heavier weights.

The curved shape of the stick allows the user to adjust the different components of your elbow crutches to their individual size and preferences, for maximum comfort.

The continuous regulation of the hand-grip and cuff improves the design, and avoids the annoying noises made by normal crutches for silent walking.

Crutch Handgrip Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design increases the users comfort and avoids the problems of the conventional crutches.

The crutch ergonomic hand-grip maintains the natural position of the wrist:

- Suppressing the pain of the median and ulnar nerves

- Spreads the body weight across the whole hand, avoiding pain on the palm of the hand.

- Improves the position of the thumb, avoiding the callouses that often come with long-term use of crutches

We are completely sure that you will not suffer tendonitis with our ergonomic handgrip.

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Attractive and sporty looking

INDESmed crutches are stylish, attractive and sporty looking.

Research shows that this makes a difference to the users confidence and self esteem while using the crutches and ultimately to their recovery.

The crutch’s end is made of high friction rubber that grips the ground, reducing slipping and improving safety for the user.

INDESmed elbow crutches images

Closed cuff option for INDESmed crutches

Choose between the classic open cuff or the new folding cuff free of charge for carbon fibre elbow crutches.

Crutches Rubber Ferrules

We offer 2 types of rubber ferrules.

INDESmed AIR rubber ferrules for crutches are big based ferrules for best shock absorbing and comfort effect.

INDESmed high friction lightweight ferrules for crutches are a high performance with and optimal life lasting/safety ratio.

what size crutches do i need?

Crutches Price and Shipping

Buy your INDESmed crutches online.

Crutches price includes all necessary parts and free shipping to Great Britain and most countries.

Standard delivery takes 2-3 working days and Express about 24h from order confirmation.

XL size or custom sizing is also available free (check size table below)

Call us! Our experts are on hand to take your call and help you with your purchase now.

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Crutch Size according user's height
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INDESmed buyer's reviews and impressions

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these crutches deserve a Nobel Prize

Ian Broinowski Hobart - Tasmania - 2019-10-01

Whoever designed these crutches deserve a Nobel Prize - thankyou

excellent support

Katherine from Woking Surrey - 2019-07-12

Hi, received the tracking so all good. Thanks so much for excellent support, it is really appreciated.
Best wishes.

Amazing service, love the crutches

David from London - 2019-04-02

Perfect sizing. Perfect timing. Amazing service, thank you so much for this Mike.
PS I ❤️ the crutches, so light.

Very happy with my new INDESmed elbow crutches

Shirin, Austria - 2019-01-16

I found the INDESmed carbon crutches on the Internet because I was not happy with my previous crutches (standard aluminum crutches).

I am 22 years old and since my leg was amputated a few years ago, I use elbow crutches everyday.

That's why it's very important that they are ergonomic and allow me to cover even longer distances without strong back or wrist pain.

Handles: The fact that the handles can be adjusted to any height is a considerable advantage, as I was able to adjust them specifically to my height. The silicone on the handles is very nice and easy to clean. The crutches I ordered them originally with grey silicone pads.

Ferrules: on ferrules, I was very skeptical at first. I thought they would be consumed quickly enough because they were so anti-slip. Instead, the customer service explained to me exactly why the ferrules are made exactly the same way. In fact, with this feature, the maximum slip resistance is guaranteed, but it may be necessary to order them more often. But it does not matter, because each component of the crutches in carbon can be ordered separately. In summer, I used crutches on vacation and used them on stone, asphalt, gravel, seabed, and so on. Everywhere, they were very stable and non-slippery and I could trust them. In the winter, I was able to use them a bit on snow and on icy surfaces for the first time. It was not really a problem. In winter, it is more slippery than usual because of the scattered gravel on roads and sidewalks.

INDESMED crutches in short: The transition to carbon crutches represents a very big change compared to standard aluminum crutches. It took me about a week or two to get used to it and to fully trust them. At first, it is difficult to cope with the great facility because the weight has to be moved differently. But once this transition is completed, the ease of use of crutches is an incredible benefit

Indesmed's customer service was very accommodating when I asked for information on carbon crutches and I was able to answer all my questions. They even offered me crutches for 2-3 weeks to test them.

Measuring about 174 cm, I was therefore advised to order crutches in size L. I chose the foldable armrest. The crutches were sent immediately after payment and I received them within three days.

Overall, I can say that after many walks, the wrist pain has improved a lot thanks to the new crutches. In addition, after a few weeks, my posture improved a lot. In the meantime, I have already bought a second pair (black silicone and with the normal cuffs), which I use for the house. I am very grateful to have found these carbon crutches and the excellent care provided by the customer service.

Fantastic Crutches

Geoff Bell from Dwellingup - Australia - 2018-12-25

I am 81 years old and got polio at age seventeen and have a leg mostly paralysed so can't walk without crutches. I have a 3 hectare property an hour out of Perth with lots of garden and some small tourist cottages all of which I planted and built. I have had a great life and still ride my Spyder motorbike,sail my yacht and fly with a friend in a homebuilt aeroplane. Your crutches are fantastic and a million times better than my old steel ones. Merry Christmas to you too from Western Australia.

Quality Crutches and top service

Michael G. from London - 2018-12-11

many thanks for my crutches, quick delivery and excellent phone service. these crutches are so light and stylish I feel free and like not using crutches at all. top quality products and best service.

why all the crutches are not like these ones?

George B. - Portsmouth - 2018-12-03

just tried them and in the first 2 minutes I realized it is a new revolutionary concept of crutches. After 9 months with them I wonder why they don't do all crutches like indesmed does? perfect setting, lighweight, no more pain in my hands. well.

Must try the best INDESMED elbow crutches!

Alain IRAZU - S.Sebastian (Spain) - 2018-11-06

best crutches for amputated leg. Shock absorption and lightness. Must try the best INDESMED elbow crutches!

Amazing cruthes

Francesco Messori - Lucca (Italy) - 2018-11-01

Thank you for your service and amazing crutches.

Impressive new crutches. Comfortable hand grip

L.Green - London - 2018-09-10

I'm slowly getting used to the new crutches and so far I am impressed. I really like the look of the design and especially the comfortable hand grip.

fashionable disability inclusive equipment

Sara Weir, London Design Council CEO from London - 2018-06-12

INDESmed products are innovative, elegant and fashionable disability inclusive equipment.

These carbon fibre crutches are like no other on the market!

O.S. from London - 2018-02-06

These carbon fibre elbow crutches are like no other on the market, they look good, feel good and most of all are exceptionally light.
Over the course of walking around 10,000 steps a day this reduction in weight will surely make a huge difference for the user. I found them to be very unimposing and so light that you might forget you had them. My usage of them so far has been as such, day to day, shopping, driving, and running errands. I have not really had the opportunity to push them to the limit in a race for example.

INDESmed are the best crutches

Clare Hartigan, PT, MPT - Atlanta – US - 2017-10-10

Our patients deserve the best products and INDESmed has the best crutches

Great crutches!

Rupert Murdoch from Australia - 2017-01-04

Thank you for your courtesy and service. Great crutches!

Love your crutches

Rakel MATEO Finalist at Brazil 2016 Para-Olympic Games - Spain - 2016-08-17

From day to day life to your crutches!!!




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