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Crutches Ice Grip

Snow and Ice accessory for crutches INDESmed

Snow and Ice accessory for crutches INDESmed foldable
Snow and Ice accessory for crutches INDESmed in function
15.00 £
Quantity (unit)
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 70 gr
Height: 11,7 cm
Basket Diameter: 2,5 cm
Ice Grip for Crutches description

Crutches Ice and Snow Grip description

Crutches and canes ice grip helps when walking on rough terrain with ice or snow.

The ice grip accessory is very easy to install on INDESmed crutches or canes without removing the standard ferrule.

When in the snow/ice walking position the stainless steel pike improves gripping and stability on rough terrain.

For indoor or standard use, the retractile pike allows using the ferrule again.

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Easy to set, full grip on ice

J.F. from London - 2019-02-22

snow in London is a fraction of a inch but walking on a white Baker st. is difficult on crutches. INDESMED ice grip is easy to fit on the ferrule crutch end and easy to remove returning home. very nice.




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