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Walking Canes

Exclusive C shaped walking canes made from carbon fibre or aerospace grade aluminium.

Discover our smart, handle height adjustable design that put the walking canes to the highest level.

Made from lightweight, elegant carbon fibre or aerospace grade aluminum, this walking cane performs maximum comfort while walking, avoiding bad hand postures and hence tendonitis.

carbon fibre walking stick

Carbon Fiber Walking Cane

180.00 £

Handmade black carbon fibre curved stick with a stylish padded medium-soft handle
30st(200Kg) Max.load

aluminium walking stick

Fancy canes

54.00 £

Fancy Canes
full coloured fancy canes

walking stick

Walking Canes for Men

54.00 £

Canes - Titanium Grey

fashion walking stick


54.00 £

Walking Canes UK - Zen Blue

modern walking stick

Ladies Walking Sticks

54.00 £

Ladies Walking Sticks - Purple

trekking poles made from carbon fiber

Carbon fibre walking poles

38.00 £

Trekking Poles
100% Carbon Fiber

cane handle soft sleeve

Carbon Fibre Foldable Walking Cane

38.00 £

Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole

walking stick hand grip

Crutch and cane handle pads

12.00 £

Crutch silicone pad for handle

walking stick rubber feet

Walking stick and crutch ferrules

13.95 £

Crutches ferrules 2 x pack

walking stick rubber base

Anti-slip Crutch ferrules
Not available - coming soon

39.95 £

Large based, shock absorbing ferrules for crutches

hand support walking stick

Crutches and canes ergonomic Grip

38.00 £

Crutch silicone handle for crutch

trekking poles spare ferrules

Trekking pole ferrule

3.00 £

pack of 4 rubber ferrules for trekking poles

trekking poles snow basket

Trekking pole snow basket

4.00 £

Snow basket for trekking poles

walking stick for ice and snow

snow and ice accessories for crutches

15.00 £

Ice and snow accessory for crutches and canes

walking stick wrist strap

Walking stick wrist loop

10.00 £

Modern walking cane wrist loop

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